From my periphery
I  see you,
hear you in the café.
My breathing stops to listen
for sounds in the space
that held us,
from  these replete casks
I seek confirmation.


A sole dove swoops into
the crown of a tree
quiescent in a forked bough.
The cardinals flew in,
a brilliant male  with his drab mate,
nature’s biased humor.
Captivated  by his beauty
she watches him fly away.
The lone dove lingers.



In Memory of Robert  1964- 4/5/2014



60 thoughts on “A Sole Dove

  1. Birds….beautiful, elegant and graceful when taking flight. Your words, beautiful, graceful and elegant when you write and hey! You yourself are all those things too!🌹❤️. You can take one thing and turn it into many, the title says one but it was so much more. This was gorgeous lovely and so placid.❤️

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  2. Holly, not sure how or why but Robert was too young to leave the world. Hope his legacy will live on, this was a beautiful tribute to him.
    The sense of space being filled by a presence is how I sense those who have gone before me. . . The lone dove was a perfect poem. 🕊️


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