A young birch sways

like a newborn giraffe

its limbs lean out over

wilted grass and ochre

vines wind a marble sentry

whose eyes never flinch

but guard eternal  while

winter snow stacks on

solitary bones until May

winds stir the crowns of

trees filled with the wails of

wingless birds powerless

to fly on.



powerless birds.png


67 thoughts on “Sentry

  1. Lovely, Holly! You have a wonderful of imagery and emotions with your words.
    Although, I was a bit confused at first. I’m exhausted, just sent you Queen’s end, and came here. So, I read “young bitch” LOL Second read strxoaightened me out!

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  2. Wingless birds would be a very sad thing. 🙂
    I prefer the newborn giraffe. Having seen many giraffes in Africa
    I am quite fond of them. Such elegance. 🙂
    Bon week-end Coeur de Feu.

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  3. I have seen a baby giraffe move, all gangly and awkward. Your image comparing that to the spindly limbs of a birch is spot on. As is the ghostly white bark of a birch copse to solitary bones. There is so much thought behind everything you write, Holly. It is a joy to read.

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  4. Lovely images, Holly, but sad–the solitary birch standing sentry while the snow piles up into May. (Perhaps that’s just me projecting.) 🙂 I imagine that tree seeing everything through many years.

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  5. Wonderful poem filled my mind and imagination.. The painting is beautiful, is it one of yours Holly? We have several nesting pairs of birds.. two Blackbirds nests and a sparrows in the bush and one in our eves under a lose sleight.. We spotted her the other evening carrying food to squeeze beneath the roof tile.. 🙂 Love the birds on Wing.. ❤ Happy Weekend Holly xx

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    1. Thank you sweet lady. I got the painting off google art, no artist named. I do love it. My “eave” bird left when the warm weather started. This is the second year I’ve had a bird nest in my porch eaves. Last year an American Robin this time a sparrow who came as just a fledgling and I watched him grow. Funny thing, he would not show up each night from Sunday through Friday but disappear on the weekend. A party bird. Happy Weed end Sue. ❤

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