26 thoughts on “Pelargonie — Geranium

          1. I can see that. I left a comment and let him know I found my way to his blog from your blog.
            Have you ever used one of his pics for a poem?

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          2. Now the band is having a jam session tonight. They want me to come down for like… a girl friends’ night. Holly, I’m so spoiled living on top. I just lay back with a glass of wine, relax and listen. Now, I have to put on make up and comb my hair.
            -the spoiled Resa xo

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          3. The wine is never gone down there! They’d let me bathe in it…. if they could watch, but why would I want to blind them?
            Hmm, I wonder who’s drumming tonight? xo

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    1. What’s so amazing is Bernd’s knowledge of lens and camera and the ability to build his own and have it result in this beauty! Thank you Michael.


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