In the portrait

she wears a coral

shawl across her


Terracotta lips

are set in granite.

Her eyes are the

color of the earth,

they  scream the

anguish of the world.

Her image is etched

into  ragged  tapestry

hung from nails

on a farmhouse wall.

She is captured by the

hand of a woman uprising.

She is proud,

she is Mexico.


self portrait by Frida Kahlo


In honor of our beautiful neighbors to the South…Mexico

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  1. Holly I love Frida Kahlo’s work (and loved the movie about her too). I love the way the words you use echo the earth tones of her paintings especially as she deliberately used those earth tones to reflect the colours of her land. This is an extraordinarily sensitive and accomplished poem and like all great work looks effortless and simple (deceptively simply that is!). Beautiful tribute and a haunting reminder…I want to look up her paintings again and re-watch the movie! Ta mate Paul x
    Ps I’ve figured out why you are such a great poet…. it’s the generations of Welsh Bards in yer genes!
    It’s instinct! Px

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    1. Paul, thank you so much. I admire the spirit of this brave and gifted woman. She suffered terrible set backs and a life time of pain but so resilient. That you enjoy my words gives me great joy, surely it is the Welsh that runs through my veins. Ta dear friend. H x
      “Rwy’n dal bwystfil, angel a madman yn fy mhen”.
      Dylan Thomas

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    1. Thank you Ankit. If you are not familiar with Frida Kahlo you might google her. In the biopic movie “Frida” Salma Hayek was nominated for an academy award, I highly recommend the movie as well.

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        1. I think you will enjoy this one! 🙂 I know it is hard when we are so busy to sit an watch a movie, I have to be very motivated by one, I did truly enjoy this though and Salma is beautiful and a perfect “Frida”.

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  2. Beautiful post! Frida was an awesome artist. ⭐
    I was so amazed when I saw how mangled she got from a bus accident, Holly! I’m glad you mentioned the movie, “Frida” with Salma Hayek.
    Frida lived with daily pain and yet wanted us to see beauty and creativity come alive through her brushstrokes and unique paintings. Like many women who stood beside arrogance, Diego Rivera’s art is given more credit and spotlight than her own. Their love and passion kept both of them happy for awhile until he was unfaithful. . . The movie is awesome, the book also. 🏵️🎉🏵️

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      1. They were such a wild combination but their love was evident. I like your description of “tumultuous pairing!” This was a special post, Holly. 💫 💕

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  3. Beautiful, Holly! And for some reason, I wasn’t receiving your posts, but now I am again. I’m having issues with WordPress on some blogs lately. Anyway, lovely tribute.
    ~Lauren 🌷

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    1. Thank you Dreamer, it happens to us all. I don’t know why of course, but suddenly I’ll stop getting mail and notifications from someone I am following and it will take a few days before I realize “hey, where is ….” . Thank you for finding me again. ❤

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  4. Reblogged this on Neues vom Hutschi and commented:
    Im Porträt

    Sie trägt ein Korallen-
    schal über den
    in Granit geformt.
    Ihre Augen haben die
    Farbe der Erde,
    sie schreien heraus
    die Angst der Welt.
    Ihr Bild ist gewirkt
    in zerlumpte Wandteppiche,
    an Nägel ist es gehängt
    an einer Bauernhausmauer.
    Sie ist gefangen von der
    Hand eines Aufstands der Frauen.
    Sie ist stolz,
    Sie ist Mexiko.

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  5. ‘She is proud,
    she is Mexico.’

    I absolutely love these lines because I almost always think of Mexico when I see her works 🙂

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