Candle wax drips down the sconce onto the bedside table while you light my cigarette and pour my drink which I do not touch until you feign fascination at simple anecdotes that I find trivial enough to share with you.  You smile and move closer holding the spoon  gently to my lips and in your impossibly delectable rhythm whisper that my hair and fair skin ,  so near , whips your mind into arousal and that my swollen lips are a crimson darkness that devours you.  Soon my subconscious begins to tenderly vibrate for you.   Seduced by the lure of  Bolero  I feel so soft inside and  after a few more  sips I  hallucinate a frightened fox  pursued by  relentless boots of hunters pounding the snowy banks  that  rise above our grotto at the foot of the alps where we venture hedonism.   I cry out  and you press my face into your chest to spare  me the moonless massacre spilling down the mountainside into the foothills.   I console  myself, knowing  that like all dreams this one will end.  It is only a matter of when.


art by L’ Rend  Fou

Green Smoke






74 thoughts on “Absinthe

  1. Another well-done classic. Although I didn’t need it, you this line got me … Seduced by the lure of Bolero … wow … interestingly, I have two bolero posts for the future … one informative and the other a short story.

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  2. Wow, amazing turns of prose, here. I adore it!
    I’ve never drank Absinthe, and after this piece doubt that I ever will.
    Your words are quite powerful, so I assume the drink is, also. Already half drunken with dreams, I seek sobriety in a bottle of red wine. 😀 ❤

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      1. I was a bit of a nutter when I was younger, but I’m a calm, mature, and stuck up tea drinker now who’s in bed for 10 pm most nights. Innit.

        Absinthe is horrible stuff, you can’t really even add a mixer in with it. Avoid.

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  3. You simply intoxicate me with your lovely words matched only by your beauty lovely. The formation was wonderful and the flow was a dream to read. You are what dreams are made of my dear when it comes to writing.🌹❤️. Never thought I could get drunk off of you😉 lol. Great job!🙂

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      1. You’re so welcome lovely and I’m sure it’s you that intoxicates me😉.❤️🌹. My inspiration is just a small piece of what your writing does, keep up the great work gorgeous.🌹

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  4. I thought I had written on this post, must have been interrupted! Oops, Holly. 🌸
    This had some bittersweet and stirring words, nightmares brought out. . . A great twisting take through poetry.

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