On These waning spring days

I am a lone bird wheeling  jagged edges

of  ancient cliffs  above  icy  cold waves

of a rough Dover sea.


My feathers gleam in the beam of

the lighthouse where gentle swells

pulse against fragile bones that in

blue dreams you hold tenderly

in your palm like a rare shell.


We have abandoned the lover’s cottage

that seems to lean closer to the sea

waiting in vain at the tide swept shore.

The  moon and lantern have ceased

their search.

Still each time I pass by  I tip my wing.




Art by R. Simon





67 thoughts on “Cottage by the Sea

  1. Another breath taker lovely, you leave me speechless with your words and formation. Your choice of illustration and talent like I said is intoxicating….you hypnotize me with your poetry beautiful.🌹🌹

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  2. Some lovely lines and images Holly and you capture the whole mood of loss (almost like an irresistible force) beautifully. My favourite line? Definitely ‘The moon and lantern have ceased their search.’ Px

    Liked by 3 people

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