A knife blade of coast

line  separates us,

the stagnating scent of mangrove

fills my nostrils and the sediment

of time seeps ashore to sink

slowly into porous sand.



If I could I would take you high

into velvet skies where stars

form a swaying Ferris wheel.


Be a comet in my palm until

the night surrenders to the sun.

At low tide I build our castle

in my cove of madness where

again and again I watch their walls

wash out to sea,

this home I have constructed

where no one lives.


photo by Heart   DSCN0856

69 thoughts on “Sand Castles

  1. I’m a sucker for love but so often it’s written wrongly or too sloppy or mushy. You know how to write with Grace and verve and it makes a world you inhabit one that I think is so beautiful

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  2. Okay, now I have a new favorite. I wish you would put them into BOOK form, so I could READ THEM WHEN I WANTED TO. LOLOL Arggggg. Okay, this is the top of my list until your next one.

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        1. I downloaded one. Holly’s book of poetry is a cocoon of beauty.! Yes, it is a bit askew w/ missing pics here and there, but that fact in no way alters the sensual magnificence of Holly’s writing! It’s free, much like the spirit of her writing. I read several poems a day, as I didn’t want to over clutter. I savored!

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  3. Holly, if you follow Tanya, she had a poem the other day with sand castles as her metaphor. I shared with her the line from Jethro Tull about sand castle virtues. It is not romance, but uses the same metaphor that many do not have virtues that can stand the tide. Keith

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    1. I wonder what virtue he’s referring to? His song about Sand Castles “Thick as A Brick” is a bit too obscure. I must wonder if the tide swept away his bag of weed. Thank you Keith.


  4. …..”and castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually.” – Jimi Hendrix
    Your last line of brilliance sent me into Hendrix’s light.
    Have you ever thought about teaming up with a pianist, and writing ballads? ❤

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  5. That was a truly magical poem and so easy to picture, your words bring images to life. You are free to take me my friend😍, your words have purchased the ticket already. Lovely poem, so placid and relaxing. 🌹🌹

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  6. The sun gets more bright,
    When the moon reflects it’s light.
    With the darkness on its half,
    The moon appears as a noble graf.
    In the full moon night,
    The pearls in the ocean bright.
    Thus the stars in the sky,
    Bright, bright and then shy.
    Conceal beyonds the clouds,
    Watching their image in the ocean.
    The sky and the earth looks subtle similar
    In the full moon night.

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