Sheer scarves cover

a bed side  lamp

as night slips in on tiger paws

the swaying beams of a velvet

moon drift through  veils  of lilac tulle

Her egg shell limbs are  caught

in binds, her breasts alert gazelles

she is the red of womanhood

her eyes the shade of currency

Her mind is  his confessional

and there is no sin grave enough


two bodies


103 thoughts on “confessionals and currency

  1. Holly what I like about your work is that you never rest on your laurels. You are always pushing, always striving. This is incredibly atmospheric and evocative. I like the lines breasts alert gazelles (In Aramaic Dorcas and Tabitha mean Gazelle: so associated with women); eyes the shade of currency; her mind his confessional. Simple lines conveying so much

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  2. More than well written, deep, and …. is she like the prostitute who listens? Do I over color your words in my mind. Perhaps your words color over my mind. Whatever, I sure love them now, before and I’m betting on tomorrow! Thank you, Holly! ❤

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  3. I’m usually only speechless while feeding my face. This left me speechless by setting my head elves on fire. The scene in my mind as I read this was richly colored, goose down warm, and velvet smooth. Those gazelles, my gods, I’d confess to anything to keep them with me. An epic story in so few words. Beautiful H.

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  4. Aside from you taking my breath away gorgeous, this poem “C and C” also did the trick. Sensual and detailed, your wording so carefully chosen to entice the mind….you are amazing indeed dear. Flawless.🌹🌹🌹

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          1. I will have to read Ducasse , I’m not familiar with his works, It’s rare for such a young artist to have a major impact on literature having died at such an early age. You are kind and generous Mr. Cake, your encouragement is appreciated.

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          2. Well I have posted about him (needless to say, I really need to focus). A strange life and a strange book, full of adolescent fury, but definitely a book that attempted to see the world in a new way and one that pushes language to the limit.

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