Every so often I am fortunate to have a poem translated  by  Hutschi at Neues vom Hutschi,  a favorite blog of mine. I  am honored that he has chosen my poem “Frida” to translate so beautifully to German.  I hope my German readers  and all who love the German language as I do will enjoy this.


(Deutsch: Hutschi)


Im Porträt
Sie trägt ein
über den Schultern
Terrakotta-Lippen sind
in Granit geformt.
Ihre Augen haben die
Farbe der Erde,
sie schreien heraus
die Angst der Welt.
Ihr Bild ist gewirkt
in zerlumpte Wandteppiche,
an Nägel ist es gehängt an
einer Bauernhausmauer.
Sie ist gefangen von der Hand
eines Aufstands der Frauen.
Sie ist stolz,
Sie ist Mexiko.


Find the original German version at https://hutschi.wordpress.com/2018/06/01/frida/

self portrait by Frida Kahlo





In the portrait she wears
a coral shawl across her shoulders.
Terracotta lips are set in granite.
Her eyes are the color of the earth,
they scream the anguish of the world.
Her image is etched into ragged tapestry
hung from nails on a farmhouse wall.
She is captured by the hand
of a woman uprising.
She is proud,
she is Mexico.








43 thoughts on “Frida – ( Deutsch by Hutschi)

  1. Holly, my high school German is long forgotten. Danke schoen for the English version. Women are the heart of any community and country. They offer the substance, but shoulder a heavy burden. This poem makes me think of the proud, strong women of Mexico. I am happy to see more women running for office here. We need more substance. Keith

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  2. I’m blown away!
    As you know, I recently did a graf post on Frida. I had no idea what I was about to learn.
    Now, I learn more.
    I’m so very thankful for all of my blog friends: creators, translators, writers, sailors, candlestick makers, weavers, perceivers, dreamers and believers.
    I am old(ish), but here, I yet flourish.
    Wonderful post, dear Holly!

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          1. It’s nice to meet you too. Ich bin kein Deutscher, aber ich habe viele Jahre in der Moseltalregion in der Nähe von Trier gelebt und man muss kommunizieren und so habe ich Deutsch gelernt. ❤

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  3. What a lovely compliment to have your poem translated in German,, and Like you I think German a lovely language.. And have several German Blogging friends.. 🙂
    And it was so nice to read your most excellent poem Holly .. And I do not know how you think of your verses, but each one of your poems is an unique blend of words.. How you think of them.. LOL.. I am in Ore.. xxx ❤

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    1. It is a delight and a huge honor when this fabulous poet, brilliant photographer, and very kind human being chooses to translate a poem of mine into his own language. I’m humbled and grateful. Thank you for your lovely comment Sue. ❤ xxx

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  4. En el retrato lleva
    Un rebozo de coral en los hombros
    Labios de adobe se vuelven mármol
    Sus ojos son el color de la tierra
    Gritan la angustia del mundo
    Su retrato desdibujado en una tela despedazada
    Colgada con clavos en el muro de un rancho
    La captura la mano
    De una mujer levantada en armas.
    Es orgullo.
    Es México.

    😉 (Couldn’t let that one pass, could I?)

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