when I think of you

I become a   waterfall,

a glimmering  chimera of color

cascading  over peregrine walls where

I am so afraid to fall.

Powerless to hold us back

I  immerse in the labyrinth of

your  eyes as rare as  silken tongued  shore birds,

slivers of the setting sun that echo

us out to sea where we are more than an

epoch of bones and the  blood force rushing

through our veins is the the breathing air of lovers,

as gentle or fierce as the press

of your thigh on mine.



77 thoughts on “The Breathing Air

  1. Seems Lots of my old favourite Bands are emerging in the blogsphere right now Holly.. These are one of them.. 😀

    ” I immerse in the labyrinth of your eyes”… Now I bet others have fell deep into your own.. lol… Beautifully written Holly.. Lets keep on Breathing clean air while we can… ❤ xxx

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    1. Clean air is growing scarce though some of us aren’t that concerned with it though they also have small children and grandchildren to deal with the legacy of our abuse of Mother Earth. thank you for the beautiful comment dear friend. ♥️ Xxx

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  2. A sweet lovely song by the Hollies, dear Holly! 😀
    Holly, this is a wonderful poem, seemingly inspired by the Hollies.
    (Do you love Bus Stop?) x ❤

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    1. Actually the poem came first. I do like Bus Stop! My favorite version of The Air that I breathe is by K D Lang. It’s awesome ! Thank you for the beautiful comment dear Resa. Have a fabulous evening. x❤️

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      1. Okay, neat!
        Do the poems always come first, then the song, &/or photo? Or, does it happen the other way sometimes? KD is amazing! Fab evening to you! ❤ xx

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        1. Hope you’re having a great Saturday Resa! In answer to your question, the poem always comes first. I see all these challenges based on images or words but I’m not good at that. 😏 thanks for the amazing comment. ♥️xo


  3. How free flowing these verses were, line after line just flowed and it was so romantically tranquil. As easy as inhaling is as easy as you made it seem captivating the heart. “Through our veins is the breathing air of lovers”, the romantic flow and that song was the icing on the cake. Beautiful job gorgeous. And don’t be afraid to fall if I’m doing the catching.🌹❤️😉, you’re safe.🌹

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      1. You are amazing and encouraging gorgeous 😊🌹🌹. I could read you all day, I could listen to you longer and look at you forever.😉. Hey! That should be a song. 😊. You write beautifully, you are amazing.🌹🌹


  4. I love the word Chimera. I am afraid too. I’m facing a trying time career wise and reading your words this morning and listening to the song helps me. It’s good to read words that make us think! You are so beautifully talented Holly! Have a beautiful day. Thank you for always being so supportive! ❤ Much love to you.

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