Remember the summer
we were obsessed with Burroughs?
Anything familiar like  far off thunder
close enough to subdue  mad-paced hours.
Something  inciting,  a strike of lightning
the scent of combustion ready to ignite
everything electric that made us come alive.
Our hearts caught between whale song and sigh
spontaneous thunder and intermittent quiet
sporadic  as a summer storm.


Leonid Afremov  “Rains Rustle”

104 thoughts on “Summer with Burroughs

          1. Aber JA, liebe Holly,
            wenn es die Gesundheit zulässt!
            Eine liebe Umarmung und ein schönes,
            entspanntes Wochenende mit viel Sonne
            wünsche ich Dir.
            Alles Liebe, herzlichst Elke.

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  1. What a fab summer’s obsession! I’m already booked to the gills this summer, but maybe Burroughs can be for my next obsession. Perhaps this winter.
    Pardon, if I take your poetry personally. It’s just that so much of what you write is embedded somewhere in me. 3

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    1. That would be so amazing if one of your projects was inspired by this. You’re anazing Resa. Can you bottle some of that talent and energy and send it to me? You’re amazing spirit and beauty inspires me more than you know. ♥️

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      1. Shucks! Crazy thing is I feel I don’t do enough, because there is so much to do!
        Life is filled with inspirations, and it’s going by quite quickly! Oh, I need to send you some pics of my unfinished Art Gown paintings! Very exciting.
        I find you very inspiring, dear Holly! xoxoxo

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  2. This painting was exceeded in beauty by the words you chose, so lovely, Holly! Summer sporadic storms have been in my own experience as once in the heat of the night, my second husband and I dragged a sheet wrapped around us into the night, only to have lightning with soft gentle rain awake us. . . ❤

    P.S. I just received a text which took me from the page where you had trees and Gorski poetry. . .
    I have often felt the whispers and the moans of tree branches, the scratches and the in depth stories they must harbour, Holly.
    The words you spoke were beautiful and haunting which are so wisely channeled through Gorski. 🙂

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      1. Well he is funny and his aesthetic theory is interesting if nothing else. My latest piece (not sure if it a poem or a prose poem or a dream narrative) owes something, certainly spirals anyway.


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