This flesh,

be a dark tunnel

where   crawling things

fear the light.

Heart be a bird,

a red macaw in the highest tree.

Be the grotto in the mountainside,

home to gypsies,  or  fresh water

on the burning sands of deserts.

You , tormentor of dreams,

be a mourner at the grave.

In your tunic of  infinity,

be a  marble stone and a eulogy.


red macaw


art by Free People


57 thoughts on “My Body

  1. Crawling things, macaws, sometimes the heart opposes the flesh. Dreams try to resolve our conflicted natures, causing torment and thoughts of the ineffable. Haunting poem Miss Heart, as always I salute your craft.

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  2. A sad reality of life, that being the end of it. The exquisite beauty of your prose is like those rich family crypts I see in prestigious cemeteries. They look like mini-castles, mini acropolis, mini-palaces where-in one might find Romeo & Juliette. A co-mingling of feelings. xo

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  3. I hope i don’t overdo myself here, maybe this is becoming a routine now, but i have to say I loved it, the depth and beauty was off the charts. This was pure symphony, a beautiful melody. ❤ i wont stop praising your work even if it reaches a point where it might get annoying or maybe if i run out of words. For me you are one of those people, that win eternal respect and appreciation. I read alot of poetry here but yours is just supernatural. I hope to learn from you and feel privileged to know you and your work.

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    1. Such a beautiful amazing comment. Be assured I will never tire of this kind of generous encouragement from you and all the very fine people who visit my blog and poetry. I can’t thank
      You enough, you inspire me. ♥️

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  4. Holly, man …. I’m speechless. I had to read this very slowly to interpret the meanings and the vivid images you painted with your incredible words. Powerful poem. You are able to evoke deep emotion is the reader. Tremendous!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  5. That poem that has the lines in it ” I didn’t mean” that was strong stuff you got there..than I saw another post you used “The Ronnetts” …now don’t tell your into cars cause I don’t know what I would do to .myself cause that’s money as I would say

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