Feel the  changing seasons,

the tilt of the  Earth’s axis,

the days growing longer as

the night  desires to linger.

Summer seemed boundless,

the sundial casts long shadows.

I will miss  you with your

brand of ripeness,

August’s   lustrous brightness

inciting the senses with fields

afire beneath a summer sky.

Now its wheat is  stacked and

bound  in lonely batches.

Buried beneath autumn leaves

the earth  imbues the darker hues

starless skies of delft blue and

gray swathes  that cloak the dawn.

The ash of burning  locust wood

shrouds the wilting garden with

the musky scent of autumn ghosts

heralding the chill.









120 thoughts on “Turning

          1. I’m not as far south as you, but we’ve been in the heat all summer here in KY. It’s actually not bad today though. Mid 80’s and lower humidity. I’ll still take the dog days over freezing…and it’s not even close! 😃

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  1. Argh yes the ‘Tilt’ you feel it too 😉
    Beautiful words dearest Holly, Summer has been beautiful here, hard work because of the drought, but beautiful none the less..
    Harvest time soon upon us… There have been some spectacular Crop Circles in England this year… Hope you explore to find them..
    Love and Mega Hugs dearest Holly ❤ Enjoy your week ❤

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    1. Aye Matey, the days are getting shorter, our summer has been daily downpours, I feel like I am living the monsoons of f Ranchipur (sp). So sorry about the drought, the world is upside down. Crop Circles, that’s exciting. Good luck with the harvest! Sending love and more mega hugs your way. ❤

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        1. Humidity and tons of rain have besieged us here in the sub tropics. Come on fall. I remember the beautiful winters spent in Germany, and Summers…dry and pleasant. All the best no matter the season! 🙂

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          1. This year we are truly having a gorgeous summer. But we the past years we had lots of wet and cool summers too. Anyway, I get you and I can understand you.
            Oh, yes, for sure. Thank you and to you too, Holly!

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  2. Turn, turn turn… 🐧🐣🦆
    I couldn’t find a tern, but at least they’re Byrds!
    As cryptic as I am, I know you will get it.
    Your poem is as perfect as the seasons themselves. You are an ultimate poet! xo

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      1. Ohh, you saw terns! OK…I’m in fear of my eye thing tomorrow. I hope to come back here to say, it was a …. tern of fate, and I see better than ever!

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  3. This only brought out the sadness I’ve been fighting as I see and feel Fall creeping in, stealing Summer away. I know all Seasons are good, yet every year I dip in sadness, just so darn dismayed that Summer has again slipped away. Thank you, Holly, for another brilliant write. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    1. I would never want to make you feel sadness dear Amy. It is so that many have winter depression from lack of sunshine and the dreariness. I wish you the lovely winters I remember from the short time I went to school in New England. Now, I am back home where Palm Trees are strung with lights and everyone is wearing sundresses on Christmas day. That carries it’s on bewilderment. Much love to you ❤

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      1. Thank you, Holly. I’m trying a new Vita D supplement that should help me with the winter blues. I’m happy for you that you live where there is sunshine and warmth all year round. Yet I do get the confusion part around Christmas. Everyone has this image of snow in mind when it comes to Christmas. Much Love to you!! 💖

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  4. Very beautiful, Holly. I’m usually a great lover of summer but this year has been far too hot. I’m looking forward to the mellowness of autumn, and even the chill of winter. Every season is wonderful, in its own way – as your lovely poem suggests.

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  5. Such a beautiful painting you have rendered with your words, Holly!!! Autumn is my favorite season for some strange reason! Perhaps, it is because it was always the start of school and October was my birthday and I love Thanksgiving!! Thank you so very much for sharing this!!! Bravo!!


  6. Lovely, fall is my favorite time of the year, the crisp cold winds begin to rise, the beauty of the fire colored trees. Plus sunsets always get sadder and lonely which is beautiful in its own way. Great post, it captured all the sensation of autumn. ❤❤👌👌

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  7. A perfect summation of this moment, weeks of gorgeous summer blowing into autumn with fat wasps and raindrops here in Oxford, we’re praying the winds blowing in keep the serious looking grey rain clouds ☁️ away just for a few more days.

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