I’m delighted and so privileged to be included among Resa’s series of gowns. A lover of leather and lace and studs, I am in love with this gown.  You are such a gifted artist and designer, thank you from my heart dear Resa.

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Art Gowns

LADY ANNE, aka “Lady Rene Anne” modelled by Holly – House Of Heart.

⭐️ Thank You, Holly! ⭐️

Lady Anne was created for a lover, a musician & composer. He gave me his old leather coat & studded pants. I added Chantilly lace.

Below: I did a fantasy gown for “Gasperilla Pirate Festival”

Held almost every year since 1904 in Tampa, Florida, my creation (on paper only) is nostalgic of the festival’s Early days.

I adore this poem, which is definitely an Art Gowns poem.

                                                                         by: Leonard Durso ©

the way your gown fell
to the floor
as you almost shyly
stepped away
leaving it forlornly
like my heart
this night

⭐️Big Thank You to Leonard for letting me use his poem!⭐️

Thank you to editor Louise White! She did an article in Asset Intelligence Newspaper on me & Athena ⭐️Graffiti Goddess…

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