brilliant bird with

fire in your hair.

Shelter me beneath your wings

Where gravity has pressed me.

The wind has blown away all reasoning And we’ve

become the muted tongues

Of feathered birds

The fragile bones of faithless lovers.

Silence burns never to be spoken it sails away

on the wings of migrating birds.


Svetlana Ponamarenko







63 thoughts on “You

  1. Just beautiful, Holly! Your poetry always makes me think, often a visual thought. Today, this poem … I saw a jar of copper coloured honey. Like your voice, copper coloured honey. xo♥︎

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  2. Beautiful, I love your work, “that blew away all sanity and love became

    the feathered tongue of   muted birds,

    the rotted bones of faithless lovers”

    This gave me the chills. You are a genius and a witch, the way you write is witchcraft. You are brilliant Holly ❤❤

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  3. Becoming one with nature and only someone as beautiful as you can do that, this was lovely…I love how you incorporated you in the bird, it just brought the writing together for me. You have a way with words making them lovely❤️. Thank you gorgeous.🌹

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