In this carapace
there is no room for life
where high windows open to emptiness.
Below the dark,  when I am dreaming,
searching for that missing piece to make
me whole I see us
disembodied desire among the reeds.
My shiver of eyes search for what we were
in the seas  dark murals where  when I
catch sight  I  Could se right through us.



63 thoughts on “missing pieces

      1. True, poetry is not all roses.
        Well, one thing for sure, you & I are not dull, so I guess we are a juxtapose of thorns and daisies.
        If I may interject with some humour in this deep moment: Prose is almost all rose. It’s just that the annoying “P” won’t go away. 😀
        Luv ya! 🌹xx

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  1. True love is forgiving even of our greatest sins..

    A beautiful write, and it is often only ourselves who hold onto the dark corners where shadows lurk to reflect back to us.. When we truly then begin to look into those dark corners.. We then truly see right through us to the transparency of Self ..
    And when we begin to see Self in our new Light.. Those dark corners no longer exist..

    Sending love and hugs this mid week Holly..
    You have a wonderful way of expression my friend.. And your writings always speak deeply to me.. ❤

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  2. We often are shellshocked when we look in the mirror of reality at times an see some things we don’t expect. They often say the way things are aren’t always how they’re meant to be. I love how you symbolized how it took the storm to clear things away to see clearly, this looking at you and seeing through us, we have to swim through fiction to find the facts. But amidst all this, you said this so beautifully in the most delicate of ways, you are truly amazing gorgeous.❤️❤️

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  3. Even your darkness is beautifully rendered. No sin is grave enough. I’m satisfied to leave all of those sins in the dark corners like heirlooms that remind me of my history.

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  4. This is pure poetry, mystical, beautiful in a dark sort of way, this is philosophy. Some people think philosophically but cant express it, some learn to express it but not very well, but you, you artfully portray what the mystics and poets of old have always been portraying. That you are here—that life exists, and identity, that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. I don’t know why, but reading your work and looking at your picture next to it always gives me the same feeling i get when i read arabic poets like Rumi, Kahlil or Shams. I create circles, i have these group of poets or writers i read and when I read them, i listen to the same set of music every time. And this takes me to a place where I am with them, and they with me and all around us is bliss, glory, poetry and its romance. I associate to the same circle, deliberately and subconsciously. I don’t know why. I am awed and mesmerized by you and your work. ❤❤❤

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    1. Such a lovely and generous comment. I have a friend who is a sythesist and always related poetry to music and at times colors. Thank you so much, your words are inspiring and mean a lot to me. ♥️🌹


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