Rethinking Life

Winter Landscape, Trees, Snow, NatureI’ve heard it said
that memories
and photographs
can bring comfort
to those who have
lost their loves
but those are lies
death makes sure of that
you can’t touch memories
and the person in a photograph
doesn’t age
or laugh
or hold you
nothing is left behind
nothing that can put you back together
and all the silly things people say
are like icicles
falling to the ground
and shattering
for when your love is gone
it’s always winter

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21 thoughts on “cold…

  1. A touching poem Holly, I am pleased you shared.. I left a message to the author. And yes words of comfort often are cold comfort for the deep loss felt..

    Wishing you a warm weekend where memories are bright and love is plenty.. Sending Huge hugs across the ocean Holly.. I so appreciate your friendship..
    ❤ Sue

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  2. Its always cold in winter……god I know how that feels when you touch the photo hoping to feel……its cold and your feet and hands won’t warm up no matter how many blankets there are…..what else is there to fill the void that will never be filled again

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