Lips wet with mist,  the breeze of a kiss,

water grass sweeping through diaphanous dreams.

The strains of  a sonata stream,

rivers of veins filled with bloods wildness

a song  blue playing with fire.

Tongues of lovers burn with allegory

celestial walls of silence.

Hear the firewood snap and hiss

the burning heat of need.

Has her awakening come to late?

chinese girl

Art by Liu


Unbeknownst to me this poem was picked up in October  and published at Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine. Thank you  Bon Bon Lifestyle, and thank you Jonathan for letting me know.

woman waiting — House of Heart






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      1. Hier kommt nun auch wieder ein Gruß von mir zu dir.
        Ich treffe dich hoffentlich bei bester Gesundheit an, wenn nicht wünsche ich gute Besserung.
        In diesem Sinne, alles Gute, Klaus.


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