House of Heart

At the bed of a murky river
I found you wet and worn,
a rare gem beaten to the silt
beneath the hooves of a wild horse.
Like a secret,  as sacred as a poem ,
somehow  holy I  held  you in my palm
rubbed you smooth and honed,
a refined diamond in my hand.
At the bay of obsession you slipped from my grip
lost forever to the inlets gaping mouth.
How weak we were at the final kiss
something we wanted to be strong for.

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58 thoughts on “River Worn

  1. Hi Hi Hi I’ve been thinking about you and came by to say hi. I love your words as always. I hope all is going well with you. I also love the lovely painting image. Have you been painting? How have you been? Sending love and big hugs Michelle ❤ xoxo

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    1. Hi there! Thank you Michelle, I haven’t painted in sometime. I started a nude (yes) in oil a long time ago but never finished it. It took forever to dry and now she lives in the attic under a canvas. That’s what I get for using oil, my preferred medium is acrylic and water color. I hope you are still finding enjoyment in your escape and that life is wonderful. ♥️🌺xoxo


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