In October the pines  ooze resin.

Lofty crows flit among  rusty leaves.

Wisteria once so pleasant choke the burdened trellis,

their summer petals decomposing on a rusty gate.

From the branches of evergreens huddled lyrebirds

sing  cantilenas,  create their finest opus.

Below the smokey clouds my hands reach

to the heavens awaiting downy verses to fall

like feathers to my  ears.

I remain unwritten,  a journal of blank pages,

abandoned by a woman feigning nonchalance.

Today my eyes are a  brooding storm,

shades of a  deep night without a dawning.

In the forest a nightingale sings her  song

somehow her soft refrain makes it easier to bear.



84 thoughts on “Solace for Lovers

          1. I agree, and I want to take more pics of the pic. It’s an old polaroid. It could be neat if we could see that old polaroid with the edges. Too, dark today to take pics, but when I get some I like better than what I sent you, I’ll mail it/them in a download, so you have a better file. ❤

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          2. Okay! “Groovy” is our word. 🔥⚡️ No one else uses it any more. 🖤
            Did I ever tell you that when I was 16, my ambition in life was to grow up and be a Go-Go Dancer?
            Huh! What…why? There are no Go-Go Dancer Emojis.

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  1. You paint a story that could write a book in so few words dear Holly.. That faded Wisteria once so pleasant, and those eyes of brooding storms.. As poignant and melancholy as that nightingale song on the wind…
    Beautiful imagery dear Holly.. ❤

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  2. A strong and definite sense of place and time
    Dear Holly.
    i have read this several times
    and each time it engages me
    and i’m the better for the read.
    Thank you for this wonderful work.

    Much love


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  3. The Closing down of Summer. . . all sorts of drying, wilting and yet, flaming colors remain. I loved the way you chose to express the mixture of sadness as well as birdsongs giving some comfort in the lyrebirds and nightingales. ❤ ❤ Take care
    🙂 Thank goodness, you don't have empty pages in your personal journal!

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