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When dawn became morning, with the graceful arms of a ballerina, she tossed bread crumbs to finches and towhees gathered at the feeder.  Sadly the flowers lay drenched in nights raindrops, puddled  petals in a potpourri garden.

Wiping dried wax from the  bedside table  she replaced  melting  candles that held too many memories.  Her silk   scarves were cached in a pale blue armoire but for the rose hued tossed across the night lamp.

The hours pass slowly in  a room  blushed with moon-glow,  the  faint scent of sandalwood and  a hint of  dried lavender.

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54 thoughts on “Sandalwood and lavender

  1. Hello, Holly,
    This was so sentimental and sweetly expressed. I see the after effects of longing and hurt in tis image-filled poem. It perfectly holds the feelings shown in the artistic painting shown.
    Things are going in a fair way with my grandson, Landen. He is on prednisone and facing radiation and chemo. He amuses us by saying to help with his appetite: “I have a card to use legalized marijuana!” Love and hugs, Robin xo

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    1. Thank you Robin. Landon is a little trooper. I’ve been thinking about him. Such a courageous little boy and a beautiful sense of humor ! I’m sending all my most positive thoughts and encouragement his way. Please keep me updated on this precious boy. Hugs and so much love coming your way. Holly Rene. ♥️💕🌹

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  2. Ahh, sandalwood! Ah, lavender! …..and you Holly, are sandearwood with a hint of lavendear.
    Love the silk scarf over the lampshade. It was an intrinsic part of creating mood for Jimi Hendrix. I adore all of the romantic feelings created herein.
    Of course, I want to drape one of my silk scarves over my bedside lamp. However, my third eye sees smoke and fire, the smoke detector wailing and those gorgeous men from the TFD showing up to save me.
    Hmm, let me check my scarf collection! ❦❦❦❦❦❦❦❦

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          1. No, silently on internet.
            However, I’m thinking you meant asbestos scarves. 😜
            Gi thinks were squirrels. I’m down with that! 🐿I could only find a chipmunk.

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  3. Beautifully written Holly.. Sandlewood a fragrance I love, and I only this summer collected the heads off of some of our lavender bushes to dry.. Our Granddaughter couldn’t sleep on a sleep over the other week, So I put some broken lavender heads into a small little net bag.. She loved it.. And I think it helped her sleep..
    LOVE and Hugs.. ❤

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    1. I will miss the beautiful change of seasons Michael, I recall the mulled wine and egg nog sitting on the window sill until it is thick with ice crystals. I will now have to decorate the palm trees with Christmas lights. Ah! such is life.

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        1. I lived in Germany for a few years and in the dead of winter I forgot my keys and could not wake my landlord (maybe he was ignoring me ,lol) sat on the stoop till midnight half frozen when the neighbors came home and saved me! Still loved the winter time over there.

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