Molten wax drips down the copper sconce onto the end table while you light my cigarette and  offer me a pale green aperitif    which I do not touch until you feign fascination at simple  anecdotes that I find trivial enough to share with you. Easing  into a faded blur we  lean back against brocade cushions. Now, in a somewhat dreamier state of mind you attempt to further  distract me with details of your recent dalliance with a french contemporary artist until I yawn with boredom. Suddenly, the embodiment of elegance, you  smile and arch your brow, once again hold the spoon gently to my lips and in your impossibly delectable rhythm whisper that my hair and fair skin, so near, whips your mind into arousal and my supple lips are a  crimson darkness that consumes you.  I  lean  into your far off voice  and my subconscious begins to  vibrate for you.   Seduced by the lure of  Ravel’s Bolero  I feel so soft inside and  after a few more  sips I  hallucinate a frightened hare pursued by  relentless hunter’s  boots pounding the snowy banks  that  rise above our grotto  at the foot of the alps where we venture into hedonism.   I cry out in terror  and you press my face into your chest to spare  me the moonless massacre spilling down the mountainside into the foothills. Having been saved from what now evades us,  we  slip into a deep and somber slumber.


art by L’ Rend  Fou

Green Smoke



91 thoughts on “Absinthe

  1. Simply captivating, sipping the truth juice to get a taste of reality but finding dark fantasy. I couldn’t stop reading this as it took me into the environment itself. Wonderful way to bring the readers into the story the way you did, you are magical lovely.🌹🌹

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  2. I like this a lot. This is Fab, as I just got a call for an Interview on Tuesday, and I will have to come up with a presentation. They are sending scripts NOW, to help with my presentation.
    LOL! It’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, and I have my niece coming in from Winnipeg.
    Not a problem! I have been inspired. Thank you, Holly! ❦❦❦❦❦

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  3. Hey…. my comment is missing an important sentence! … about I thought I remembered this, maybe from your book, and it was creatively evocative… which is fab… because… ah, memory

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          1. I would imagine! I think it akin it to other … things …I’ve experienced, never tried Absinthe. I heard it was a drink of Toulouse Lautrec, whatever, I adore his work.
            So, dangerous, and ultimate at the same time. xx

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