Remember back when you were a rock star

and I was a hippie angel?

How enchanted  we were with  our

heart  and souls bared.

Do you remember now that you are so far

away that night  you came to me

and I came to you and the rest of the world

slipped away?

We held one another,  made love and cried

and vowed to never to speak of how every time

the lights went out you hurried to my side

so tender, coming and then  going.

Young and in love, we named that month Eden.

Do you remember our anguished goodbye

Neither do I.


Resa and the Rock Star


Dedicated to Resa @



74 thoughts on “Resa and the Rock Star – night music

  1. Gonna say… I live in Resa… checked the photo and thank goodness it wasn’t me. Not that there’s anything wrong with you. My music has improved exponentially since I put down the piss 19 years ago… a week from today I think. In fact my love life has improved too. I never understood at those meetings all these people getting up to talk about womanizing etc… i drank, and I simply damn drank.
    Have a magnificent week.

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  2. Thank you, dear Holly! ❦❦❦ 🌹❦❦❦
    🔥💥I remember Black Roses, first movie I ever designed the costumes for. I remember Carmine. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? 💥🔥
    So Black Roses has the distinction of being #6 on a list of the ten cheesiest rock horror movies ever made.

    The poster has become a classic.

    Dear Holly,
    This is an Art Gown of a poem. It will be in my next Art Gowns Art Update post. 💖

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      1. Holly,
        You’ve done us justice. It was a fab time.
        You truly can write! You’ve captured the moment in time, and a mood I will never forget.
        It was the best, and I am blessed. My career has been a joy! ❦❦❦🌹❦❦❦

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      1. Thanks. I’m certainly up for it. Presently I’m trying to finish off my new album so I can get it out there before Christmas, but straight after that I’ll get working on this. I’ve only ever put one song up on any of my albums where I didn’t write the lyrics and that was from a poem the old man wrote. ‘Sunlight & The Dust’ it was called – link below – and right now it’s under ‘curation’ along with a few other songs on ReverbNation. I’m hoping for all involved we can do something special with ‘Resa & The Rock Star’ – I might have to platy around with the gender, but that’s not a problem. I’ll stay true to the poem. Other times I have worked with poets turning stuff into song it’s been a commercial product – whether on or offline – when the poet sends me the words and – I never know the poem until it lands on my lap. There’s nothing wrong in that but I still prefer art for art’s sake. I’ll keep you posted as to when I get this underway. Enjoy your day ~ George

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          1. Should be good. I’m getting a time-travel vibe for the music; maybe, no sure, soft electronic. We’ll see how it evolves and what you think of it down the line.

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  3. So powerful… I am sure Resa will love this one, …. yes, certain encounters can be powerful … in many senses, and they tend to leave such striking memories on us 😉 hugs, dear Holly. 😘👍👋

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    1. Thank you, dear Aq! You are the one who knows me the most out here in blog world. I’m so very happy you have weighed in. This means a lot to me. 💕Sending special love, hugs and kisses to you. 🦄💜 ❦❦❦❦❦

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    1. I haven’t seen it Keith. I did see a trailer and was blown away by L Gaga! I watched the old movie with James Mason and Judy Garland last Sunday. I never get tired of that old movie. 😊


      1. Holly, I must confess to having never seen that version. I saw the Streisand/ Kristofferson version. Kris could write, but Bradley actually sings better than Kris. Keith

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        1. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new version. I never realized how beautifully LG could sing and act too. Bradley did a wonderful job per the critics, acting and directing!


      1. True, but I had always intended to put it in an “Art Gowns Art Update” post, which I will still do. However, the Chicklets’ Hallowe’en Fashion Show was a big deal, and now I’m forging ahead on the new Art Gown. So, once the new AG is posted and the excitement (lol) dies down, it will be in the next update post (with a sketch of Flora Blanca and more!) It’s all so exciting!

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          1. No…not like yummy hummus.
            Okay, so grind up the hard chick peas & make chick pea flour. Have you ever had a falafel?
            The balls inside are made from chick pea flour & deep fried.
            Farinata is a batter made from chick pea flour, then baked into a pancake… a flat bread. It’s seasoned with salt, black ground pepper and rosemary. OMG!!! 😛

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