In the whir  of time I reach back

into a vast universe of memories

to recapture the light held captive,

to bring  it forward like a  tiny globe

of fire reflected in the irides of my eyes

or an ocean storming in my palm.

Escaping  life we draped our nights in   promises

breathed them silky as softly burning psalm.

Your  memoir is imprinted  on my heart,

one gentle sway and suddenly I remember.


art by Billy Knight







51 thoughts on “Journals

  1. A romantic remembrance, a place where memories live on and stories never lose their chapters in life. Beautiful description of the locket of life that we all verbally hold so dear.❤️🌹

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  2. I adore Eddie’s comment. He’s right!
    As I read this, I saw a snow globe with 2 lovers in one of those swan boats on the ocean. The boat never sinks, even when you shake the globe and make a snow storm. 🕊🐓🌨❄️Okay, I couldn’t find a swan emoji, so I did dove + chicken = swan.❦❦

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