You are perplexing.

When my eye lids close your aura lingers.  

I pretend to understand but I have yet to unravel the enigma.

Your soft growl grips my emotions, holds me tender with soft pads

or still with the urgent press of  teeth at my throat.

 What I know of you I’ve learned through osmosis

those flickers of  sentiment deep as roots of teeth.

My instincts send out a warning but with you so near it is too late.

One thing I know for certain  you are skilled at breaking and entering.


84 thoughts on “Man

          1. You are just a kid! (That explains the gorgeous eyes). Enjoy it my dear. And I’m glad he’s not too far. Kids tend to drift away at that age. A normal occurrence of course. I remember when our eldest daughter took a flat with friends to be near Med school, we forbade her to put a washing machine so she had to come back home on week-ends… 😉

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          2. Lol! Believe me my son brings home bags of laundry with him. 🌺speaking of eyes you do know there’s a full size pic of yours truly at the bottom of my blog right? A lot of people never notice that. Have a lovely!!

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