to prune but wilted petals

wave provocatively from

dried shrubs here among the

famished flowers and the fading sun is

pleasing on my bare back.

Sticky tongues of desiccated lizards

flick the spidery veins of elongated

roots plucked without mercy from the

pungent earth.

Dew drops glisten on scars and nicked

fingers bleed from circumcised petals

sheathed in thorns.

I know it it is too early but the languishing

garden screams out for structure,

the need to be in control again.


Art by Jill Martin

49 thoughts on “I know it’s too late

  1. Beautiful Holly. Even though I love the change of seasons, there’s always a measure of sadness when the foliage withers in the cold. We had our first frost last night.

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        1. So right! We had just a few days of what one might call winter last year. In November of 16 I took the Viking tour up the Rhine, from Bern to Germany flew to London back to Bern for a 13 hour flight back ( ugh) No snow but at least some winter.

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  2. The plants are running away from winter, before it’s too, late. No one, nothing can control nature’s movements.
    Good thing some folks made wine out of the grapes before too, late.
    Cheers to your wonderful poem, dear Holly! 🍷🍷🍷

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    1. Good point. We must gather what grapes we can before the white tail deer ravage the remains ( not that they aren’t welcome to their share) and store away the winter wine supply. Cheers! 🍷🍷


  3. LEATHER gardening gloves a MUST, Holly. And for the most part with the exception of my roses, I just allow my plants to die back, thereby fertilizing the soil with their decay. Applause on this poem. Again you amaze me with how you describe and paint with words. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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      1. You are welcome, Holly. AFTER I wrote this I thought oh-oh I THINK Holly lives in Florida. LOL Leather gloves are essential though no matter when you live. I’ve learned the hard way. LOL

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  4. “Flick the spidery veins of elongated, roots plucked without mercy from the pungent earth”… How do you do it… Beautiful description… ”

    We have been doing similar gardening pruning as Autumn now takes hold…
    Loved your words Holly.. ❤

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      1. I have to compose a blog for my garden blog.. I keep attempting to put one out, And hope this week sees one in place.. So you can see for yourself if you get the time… ❤ But I have been promising myself for two weeks now to post one, but got caught up in Dreamwalker's Sanctuary instead.. :-0

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