House of Heart

my body becomes so small

I  could fit into the  minuscule heart

of a sea bird begging salt  with his  pulpy tongue.

A discarded shirt hangs on the bed post

and traces of you remain where

I return and return.

My cries unravel the clouds,

rain down like summer storms.

Carry  me close, deep in your heart,

through the rhythmic sound of

railways, the snow covered alps

or  the black tar of foothills.




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52 thoughts on “when I miss you

      1. Indeed, life is full of those sad moments but after a while they tuck themselves in a corner of your heart and let you seek more memories. For me, it was the seeking that kept my life filled with adventure.

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  1. Those feelings that just travel down into the pit of the stomach, the words, the description, and the feeling you put into it is beautifully amazing. What heart lovely, you can’t help but feel it too. A superb job.❤️🌹

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