In the hushed silence between waves
sighs fill the night as stars come alive
and the breeze is a soft poem.
Nude in the moon light but for drifting
shadows the swirl in your glass keeps
perfect time with far off thunder.
I need to look away from your gun powder eyes
that lethal shot
before the fluttering of a thousand butterflies
betray me.
I breathe in the circlets of your cigarette and
the honey sweet scent of willing hostages.
As fragile as fireflies we escape to the madness of
our minds where all we have to do is live.

rainbow beach

Liliana Gigovic


71 thoughts on “Negril

  1. Very rich prose, dear Holly! It is of the richness that money cannot buy.
    The painting’s thick essence accentuates your mood. Love it! ❦❦❦🍷❦❦❦

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  2. You have a way of creating stunning visions like memories that just won’t let go. They go down smooth, warm, and sweet like that carefully aged rum made in a little pot still in the shed out back. Perfect for moonlight sonatas where the tides wash the sand.

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