It’s isolated along the highway. I’m alone and afraid, my car sits abandoned on the shoulder of a back road.  My feet are raw and  blistered,  my shoes held in my hand. Squints of eyes burn from the  sun and the wind  whips at my skirt when he slowly pulls beside me. I need only get inside.

My hand reaches for the handle but suddenly I lie  “I’ve phoned a friend to come for me “  Holding out my phone I force a smile.  He is angry  and speeds away without so much as goodbye.

In the morning, my troubles behind me, I browse the news over tea. My heart begins to pounds and it is hard to breathe. Her body was found beneath some trees not far from her deserted car,  a dead  phone was lying nearby, her shoes clutched in her hand.


78 thoughts on “The Samaritan – Halloween fare (not for the timid ) 🎃

  1. I’m scared shipless! I’ve been shivering in fear all day, and now this hideous story! Hope I make it through the night. Anything can happen, so it probably will! 😈👻👺☠️😱🏒

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          1. Did she make gowns? This could be an important factor.
            🧗🏽‍♀️🥋🧜🏼‍♀️I’m quite over the fact that there are no gown emojis. I’m hoping rock climbing + a karate jacket + a mermaid = a rock’n’roll gown with a splashy tail!

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    1. How does it feel to be the only one who hasn’t read this and has not hesitated to remind me? Lol! I’m getting lazy. Thank you for reading and getting scared. 🤗


  2. Delightfully dark Holly. I have on my gothic vampire garb and soon I’ll be offering candy to all the young mothers who bring their kids by the house. Now, I’ll ask them if they have their phone and extra candy to those who let me bite their necks. Hope my vampire teeth hold up.

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          1. I’m captivated already. 😊🌺🐝. I have this delicious smelling plant called Lamb’s Ear and it produces the best smelling lavender colored flowers. I have happy bees all over the place when they bloom. They are so happy, they ignore me and go straight to work. Happy bees are friendly bees.

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