70 thoughts on “a little night music

  1. One can’t help but feel the energy of life in all it’s forms; dark and light, soft and aggressive, lovely and dangerous in this poem and the visage of Maria soaking it all in, becoming a part of it. “My hair is as black as the Grammostola spider.” My deep dark purple heart is stolen by that line. 😎

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      1. Oh, but I must thank you Holly. Your poetry drills right into the center of my effervescent hyperbole. I can’t help myself sometimes. My head elves create epics just from glancing into a stranger’s eyes. Your poetry launches me on galactic cruises to distant shores. And your music selections. Love it. So, probably, I should ask for forgiveness, but really, it’s a great life inside my head hanging out here at House of Heart.

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  2. Beautiful and makes me long for summer. I saw an interview with the woman the song was written about. Obviously, she’s an older woman and was talking about her memories. 🙂 I’ll probably be singing it all day long, now that you’ve let me listen to it. You’re poems always have a long lasting effect. ❤

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    1. It’s odd that it disappeared. On your post page there’s a side bar that gives you options to show like,reblog, etc. the same area as your categories and tags but further down. Agh.


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