Beyond the terrace
I pace barefoot through
the garden, past the blurred
flowers that bend their petals
as though they recognize me.
Brilliant in the starlight
the old tree stands apart
as if it needs more space
having outgrown the rest.
I have heard its sigh
in the song of a breeze
when its limbs reach
for the sky.
I wonder if it has eyes
to hold so much history.
I believe it is friends
with the moon.
I can hear them laughing at us.



139 thoughts on “The Moon and the Trees

  1. You weave a very private world with your words, leaving each of us to draw our own water from your well. So we quench our thirst, then wipe away any excess moisture with a fragment of the cloth you have left.

    I’m sure the tree and the moon are having one heck of a hearty laugh. Sometimes I think humanity is the biggest joke of all, but only trees and moons get to hear the punchline.

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  2. I was pointed in the direction of these lovely…and yes ‘lovely’ is the correct word… words and so glad I am that I was. Let me say this, Holly, you have written a unique, questioning story of love in relatively few words. Bravo.

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  3. I think a little earlier when I first read this I inspired the old man to get his act together and read something worth reading. He promised to do so. You’ve written a classic here. Neat. ~ George

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          1. I speak Spanish, though it may be as messy as my German. It helps to speak Spanish if you live in Florida. My German friend set up a blog specifically to teach me proper German. We had fun with that! 😊

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          2. That’s awesome! What a great way to learn and stay proficient. Ah yes. I remember the Latin flavor of south Florida. If one is careful the spices of life are rich and abundant there. I have Castillian Spanish in my blood from my maternal grandmother. Sadly, her generation was the old, be American or be invisble mindset and the language and culture was forbidden in the home. Now, I feel a certain comfort close to diverse Latin culture but remain an outsider. My early life required me to assimulate in many cultures across the world. I had to learn to be invisible to be accepted and with just modest skills learned from deep dives into history and facts coupled with living among the natives, I was able to learn what was necessary to fight the evil that stalked them and me. I’ve got a million stories in my head that still captivate me. Like nature, our cultures and societies are exquisite beauty and merciless at the same time. I was comfortable with that and my memories of people and places is a stunning museum of humanity to me. I admire anyone who reaches beyond the boundaries of their culture and touches another. That one experience broadens our horizons beyond the curvature of our angry blue planet. But, you already knew that. 😉

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          3. Such a intriguing life you lead Mr. H. I would love to hear the history so far. I’m sure it deserves to be preserved, perhaps a book is out there or will be. Let me know. Thank you for sharing your exciting life with us, It’s really fabulous reading.

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          4. Thank you so much Holly. Although it could be interpreted as egoism, my true desire is to share the world through my eyes and let people come to their own conclusions. What keeps me in the shadows is the disappearance of our ability to listen without filters thrust on us by opinions of others, coercion of beliefs, and ideologies. It’s a terrible affliction that leads us to conflict at every level, even war. I fought in three wars, which turned out to be the oracle of my truth and navigation star. For a long time I adopted the motto I learned from the British SAS, “Who Dares, Wins.” Who I really am turned that to, “Who Dares, Learns.” Learning can be deadly or devastating but even there, one is liberated from all misconceptions of the truth. One learns not to fear death or life and then a person can truly live and love life and people of all stations and colors of life as well as recognize the darkness lurking in another’s soul. It’s why I adore the House of Heart. Here I find the words and markers of a beautiful soul. Forgive me. I mean that in the most virtuous and altruistic way. Plus, you are a Floridian, which makes you double cool 😎


  4. I wonder if it has eyes
    to hold so much history.

    I always wonder about old trees, what they have seen. I wish old trees — and old things in general — could speak.

    But it does feel as if they speak, when the wind goes through their leaves.

    Beautiful poem, Holly!

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      1. Holly, you reminded of an old John Denver song called “For Baby.” Here is the chorus.

        I’ll walk in the rain by your side
        I’ll cling to the warmth of your tiny hand
        I’ll do anything to help you understand
        And I’ll love you more than anybody can
        And the wind will whisper your name to me
        Little birds will sing along in time
        Leaves will bow down when you walk by
        And morning bells will chime

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          1. Holly, the friends I described in the post about “This Rose has no thorns,” would ride around and sing Denver’s “Country Roads,” as it is called. Not well mind you, but we would sing every word.

            I had a friend who was making a speech and tried to say the word “endeavor,” but she could not get the singer out of her head and said “en-Denver.” At the end of the year, I gave her a picture of John Denver. “Almost heaven, West Virginia, miner’s lady, stranger to blue water…” Keith

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  5. “flowers that bend their petals as though they recognize me.” I bow also to the mistress of Poetry.. ❤ Beautiful, I listen often to the trees, I am sure if we could hear their speak, they could tell us many a tale over their hundreds of years in existence.. ❤

    Have a beautiful weekend Holly ❤

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  6. —Bonjour—mon Amie—-HEART
    Le Bonheur
    C’est une goutte de pluie
    Comme une fleur sous la pluie
    Le bonheur c’est une chanson
    Que l’on fredonne de mille façon
    Le bonheur ” C’est tout simplement ” L’ Amitié ”
    Je te souhaite une journée ou soirée et de belles choses à venir

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