House of Heart

Unless you ask

I will always make you go

before the birds invoke the day,

leave our scent on the crumpled

sheets to the cats.

Though it is somewhat embarrassing

I love most among poets Aristophanes

and sultry dreams of cherubs that twitter like

juvenile birds drunk on adventure.

Unless you wake me to the soft sound of Coltrane,

the rich taste of espresso, the breath of fruity herbs,

I will always make you go before

the sun breaks the horizon.




Painting by Michael Lipke   (1953)



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45 thoughts on “unless you ask

  1. Ooooh! You have made my words anxious to race to a page to find the right words to make an “Ask”!! So beautifully sensuous!!! Such a joy to read!! Bellissimo, Dear R, Bellissimo!!


  2. A perfect picture of a time and a mood. I adore your poem.
    Hey, when younger, I wanted to rise to Deep Purple and herbal tea…orfoff!
    I like how we are different! ❦❦❦

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      1. True, it’s just a poem. However, there is something about what you write that takes me somewhere. You are very talented.
        I see we are not so different! Love it! 🙂 ❤

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  3. Holly, I love how you nicely framed rhe scene. You remind me of many years ago when the early morning thoughts of should I leave or stay are going on the same time the partner is thinking similar thoughts. The mood enhancing Coltrane and coffee provides the adhesion to keep them together a little longer. I love coffee, but the aroma exceeds the taste. Keith

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  4. I thought I was going to make it without those darn endorphins and adrenal rushes sending me over the edge then expresso happened and I lost it.

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