You are meant to fly,
to light on branches
of lush trees, to fill the
air with your song.
If I caught you in my hand
your tiny wings would beat in time
pressing for freedom against closed fingers.
Your soul is meant for flight but it is a cruel
place you have come
filled with creatures bigger than you.
Worst of all is man who glorifies death.
In the forest his cries of joy
ring out at the slaughter of a deer.
The world needs your song and
the beat of your heart.
We must open our hand.

bird in open hand

art borrowed from Pinterest


86 thoughts on “Tiny Bird

  1. There is such wisdom in this poem. I feel to share the communion of nature and leave no trace of our presence and no fear in the hearts of wild things is how we were meant to live. Conquest for thrill instead of subsistence is the path of distruction and the death of souls.

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          1. I have known for a long time love and understanding was my message I wanted to illuminate in my writing. My science geek self believes it is the intrinsic force that binds life to the heart of the human beast. We do not truly live without it.

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  2. The portrayal of nature and the beauty of your words are just amazing Rene and you simply blend the words beautifully. Innocence, placidity, curiosity and guidance all in one makes for a gorgeous poem.๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

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