I left a message for you in a book.
It is like me to mark provocative phrases,
to shake them out in ponderous verses.
Do not read too much in the fallout of pages,
the notes in the border are for nostalgia’s sake.
I dreamed about love last night,
my adversary, always teasing me.
Your aura I only half recall yet you linger,
the suffering is in knowing what might be real.

Man lighting Cigarette II

Art by Fabian Perez


100 thoughts on “message to a stranger

  1. I love the soft aching and reflection in this poem. A book, a message, notes in the margin, we do this when our heart and mind are captivated. “I dreamed of love last night.” I find sleep on a captivated mind is the harbinger of dreams where I have and be what I most desire. On awakening, the briliant colors of imagery and conversations are now grey, wrapped in shadow. What an inebriating feeling to remember, to reflect on what was, or what could be. Beautiful Rene. It’s a poem that could he an epic story if unfolded.

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  2. You can sure write, Holly. This one is very Leonard Cohen(ish), especially with the prose & pic combo. Fab!


  3. That book makes for wonderful imagery, Holly. How delicious and mysterious.

    And congrats on the publication (your other post) – a wonderful idea to channel our dismay, sadness, and anger about the rampant complacency toward sexual violence.

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    1. Thank you Diane, I’m glad you enjoyed this poem. My contribution to We Will Not Be Silenced is small but it an act of duty to all you have been silenced for fear of retribution or shame and a hat’s off to survivor’s in this day of blatant abuse of women by our elected officials in choosing a racist and misogynist to serve on our Supreme Court.

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