Winter does not empathize
with withered branches or
displaced birds fleeing waves
of frozen breath.
Her howling wind is a laugh out loud and
she hasn’t the grace to cover her mouth.
A tease of holly and evergreen flicker
at the curve of billowed thighs
glistening folds of hallowed mounds
drift in other worldly sighs ensnared
in her exquisite binds.


art by Karol Bak

115 thoughts on “She’s Not A Lady

  1. Winter is promising to be every bit of what this beautiful poem speaks of. Those other worldly sighs within her binds. It won’t be long now. She is like fate, inexorable with silken white ties, sleepy eyes, and hands cold like wet ice.

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          1. I think all of my favorite socks are stashed away in dryer vents all over the world. Maybe someday an archeologist will discover them and wonder why we used such colorful filters for our dryer vents in those days.

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          2. Shocking stockings for sure. Those are my favorites. I have seen a few now with tattoo motifs. They look like real tats, but I don’t dare stare or ask questions. That would probably not go over well, but dang, they look cool.

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          3. I do believe the best part of any day is the fun shared amongst friends and House of Heart is a smile friendly environment. I find it delightfully addictive. Of course, if we Dragons get too rowdy with our merriment making, you need only stomp your foot once, hands on your hips, and a menacing glare with one eyebrow raised and we will quickly return to good order and discipline. That’s the best time to get us to help with chores when you have our undivided attention. 😌

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          4. Merriment is always welcome here, I find you delightful Mr. H. I wouldn’t dream of assigning any chores to the Dragons in such a small place, but always big enough to hang out in! 🙂 Re: Anne’s Truck has vanished and original in the attic. I do have a snow bound truck though.

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          5. Me and the Dragons love hanging out and doing the cool stuff. You have a snow bound truck!?! That is fine art of the best kind. My truck happens to be white so I can’t find it in the snow. I spend more time in front of the fireplace, but that’s okay.


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