Hold me in soft silence,
read my heart aloud knowing
that every beat is painted in
your colors.
Let me come undone with yearning
Where there is safety in longing.
My breath is a warm sigh against
your skin and love is the ember we
hold to our lips in the quiet of winters unfolding without the thistle of war or
A bind of garland about our feet,
the tender loosening of ties, of
mountains reduced to pebbles.


Olga Beliaeva


111 thoughts on “of mountains and pebbles

  1. I have prided myself on being inured to reality. Yet I stumble as a toddler in the ocean of heart at the House of Heart. Such vulnerability is unbecoming of me and I can’t find the will to regret it. What a beautiful expression of tenderness that carefully hides an unfathomable force, the same as Gaia. And lovely painting by Madame Belivaeva to set the scene. Remind me some day to inquire of the lovely young lady rocking the pink lipstick, black dress, and eyes that make a Druid look at his feet. 😉

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    1. To the contrary Dan, your words are most appreciated by the lady in pink and black, it is I who feel a sense of vulnerability when responding to this beautifully inspiring message. I’m wishing you a lovely day. 😊

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      1. Thank you Rene! I do hope this stormy weather lets up so you can get some more riding along the shore done. I do enjoy you sharing photos that mean something to you. It satisfies my INFJ curiosity to connect the artist with their art. For me, it’s a way of bringing the gift of their talent to life. Although I’m fully capable of running away with my own interpretations, I curiously always want to know the message the artist intended. When I go to art shows and find myself lucky enough to interact with an artist regarding their work, I want to absorb every detail from them like a sponge. I try very hard not to be creepy about it, but I’m just bursting with adoration and it has to get out or my head elves will pass out leaving me unsupervised. The gods know what could happen if my mooring lines are slipped loose. I’d likely end up on another Harley and no indie coffee shop would be spared my inquisitive nature. Your kind accommodation is an affirmation of a noble soul. That just makes my Snoopy dance life smile fest all the better. 🕺🏻

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          1. Well, do shelter in place with good and happy things. We have recieved a thourough washing here and the waterfalls are roaring, the rivers and streams are full, and I might have to go out there and soak in it. Take care out there. It is the sunshine state. Ole Sol shall return… 😎

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          2. Oh, it is amazing! The Tennessee Valley which includes North Alabama is an ancient glacier bed which carved out the Cumberland gap and left it unique in its flora and fauna. Some plant and animal species are only found in this area. There are many places that are so primitive in appearance that those distant waterfalls sound like dinosaurs roaring and I truly feel like one will pop out from behind one of those house sized boulders covered in fine green moss and make me squeal and dance in an unmanly manner. 😳. I’ll post pictures. I think a lot of people would be amazed. It’s not well known because it remains primitive with no modern highways except between cities. Horse or hike, those are the best ways to enter this fairytale land. Although the best parts are only accessable to crazy people like myself who enjoy the dark forest and secrets hiding amongst the rocks and caves. You just have to be comfortable with the ocassional squealing and frenetic arm waving when you meet a creature on the trail.

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          3. Do post some pics Dan, this is so amazing. It’s so beautiful in that area. I lived for a short time in Huntsville Al. and ventured into the TN Cherokee nation and the Blue Ridge. The forests and white waters are spectacular. I must admit the fear of bears kept me a bit on edge. I would love to see these ancient forests again. Now my only retreat is the Everglades and further north we still have some beautiful reserves, but mostly flat land as you know. Enjoy yourself out there Mr H.

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          4. OMG! The similarians do guide us. I work on the Arsenal in Huntsville. I do a lot of exercise on Monte Sano in Huntsville to stay in shape for further adventures. I only fear mama bears. The others can be bribed with a Honey Bun and an ingratiating smile. Mama bear is just going to end you and move on. I think it’s wonderful that you already know much of what I describe. We probably belonged to the same tribe a few centuries ago and we travel in life along parallel lines.

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          5. Yes indeed! Did you live on post? Or choose the community to live in? I’m compelled to tell you another story. Hopefully, not an interruption. I briefly worked as fledgling Design Engineer in Arkansas where I worked on NASA projects designing and building parts and pieces that would evolve to our current space station docking technologies. I was deeply attracted to the wonderful nerdyness of NASA but could only make a few trips to meet with the NASA design team. Life took me on another course but I ended up on assignment here like your father and returned for my last assignment before retiring. I now work for the Army as the R&D lead for the measurement sciences. Missilery and Aviation is our primary mission and my boss is the former Deputy Director of NASA. How that thread unfolded seems more than a fluke. I’m certain I would know precisely where your father worked and on what system he worked on. Ahhh, even though we know there are now 8 or even more dimensions, our world remains very small indeed. I enjoy how this tapestry unfolds.

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          6. I would love that, Rene. Thank you X 10^10. We are building the rocket to take us to Mars in Decatur and testing the engines on the Arsenal. When they fire those engines it shakes my house 14 miles away. I bet that will be a launch you won’t want to miss. This is exciting, I feel another Snoopy dance coming on.

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          7. I do love my work, Rene. And more, I love sharing my universe and the indeterminate happiness it fills me with. I suppose that is why I can’t shut up when it would be more polite to do so.

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          8. I love hearing about your life Dan, never hesitate to share them. You have a lot of amazing adventures and awesome experiences that are only dreams for most, vicariously enjoying them all.


    1. Modern English is a West Germanic language, even French is no longer considered a romantic language due to phonetic decay of verb endings. Many German words are similar to their English counterpart. What I love about German is that you can say an entire sentence in one word 🙂

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      1. Quite true. Take German and French out of English, and there wouldn’t be much left. 😉
        And the “agglutinating” properties of German also can make it harder to understand. Tschüss, Coeur de Feu. Joyeux Noël.

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