These fragments  I offer

at times coalesce but  they

are defined by the spaces

between their  lines.

Short and serpentine,

they gently prod your subconcious,

I want to make you comfortable,

but feel the silence.

Please do not interrupt

my breathing or break the

momentum of fragile hands

on your neck and shoulders.

My hair is  a rope ladder  we

climb down  into  a  dream-mind

of iteration where words are

food and wine.



Butterfly kisses

art by Sarah Riches



69 thoughts on “Coalesce

  1. A beauty, Holly! It’s like you have a velvet tongue in your brain.
    I also adore the art piece you chose. Wish I could draw & paint like that.
    Well, I’ve got a sense of humour. That should get me through!

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  2. I so adore this poem. Line by line, it transports me along those serpentine spaces to that inner mansion were all my meaningful thoughts are stored as artful objects.

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  3. Holly, I love how you spun this. The first part implores the partner not to break the silence. Don’t mess with the sensuous moment. The second says the words will follow at some point as the food and wine is enjoyed. The use of the words “dreamlike iterations” is well played. Keith

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