The sun is still low in the sky,
it’s rays have barely begun
to pierce the chill of our pale window.
Don’t go,  we are scarcely out of dreaming.
Caress my breast with the lifeline of your palm
while my head rests in the crook of your shoulder.
With these  fingertips you kiss one by one
I will ease the furrow of your brow and
soothe your body with the twining of my own.
Let the hours pass  through us tenderly
like a shallow river of fledgling reeds.


Steve hanks art



100 thoughts on “The Pale Window

  1. Lovely dear friend. This poem feels like that moment between dreams and a vague awareness of desire to remain in the moment. Love renews as night flees the dawn and breakfast slips into brunch.

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  2. At moments like that, time cease to exist and only the moment remains. Love last forever and beauty remains in time. Such a lovely piece Rene, the hands on my clock didn’t move as I read it🌹🌹❤️. Wonderful.

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  3. Dear Holly, I love all the images that the words, “The Pale Window” conjure. I would agree with Mr. Cake, “Swooning loveliness”, a quiet, tender and beautiful elegance between the sheets. Wishing you a Happy & Healthy 2019! ~ Mia 💗

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  4. Beauty held within those words Holly.. loved the line “I will ease the furrow of your brow and soothe your body with the twining of my own.”…
    Romance is alive..
    May it never fail to light your life..
    Thank you dearest Holly for keeping the romance alive within many a heart who reads your poetry…
    Wishing you a beautiful Happy New Year, may it be full of LOVE, Romance, Joy, Happiness and Laughter..
    Take care my friend.. See you next Year.. ❤

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    1. Thank You for this delightful message dear Sue. You never fail to brighten the day with your inspiring words. I’m sending love and wishes for a new year filled with love and joy and all the beautiful things life has to offer, good health and happiness my friend. ♥️

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