We Will Not Be Silenced has made Book Authority’s 100 Best New Poetry Books to Read in 2019!  I am very proud to be a  contributor to this important and relevant   text.





86 thoughts on “Update on “We Will Not Be Silenced”

        1. So very generous of you Chatter, this book holds the heart and soul of many incredibly talented writers. It’s written out of courage and a desire to promote healing. I hope you will read it, as a psychologist I think you will appreciate it.


          1. You’re a courageous lady. I have experienced the pain of silence and that’s what this book is about. Survivors must stop being ashamed for someone else’s action. It’s about change.


          2. That’s a beautifully courageous outpouring of truth Colleen. This really illuminates the reason women/men/girls/boys hold back and keep secret what they are going through. It was not hard at all to believe these the women who came forward during the Supreme court nomination that this happened to them so long ago yet they are just speaking out. We need to stop the stigma, put the blame where it belongs and let the world know it will now be covered up anymore, instill in our children they are not at fault in any way and to reveal immediately if someone is hurting them or trying to. There monsters must l be named and face justice. Thank you for sending me the link!


          3. Thank you dear wonderful Heart. To add to the horrors that have gone unspoken….I have met with aged women, and men, in their 70’s and 80’s, who never told. I know how it affected me. I know the lack of self esteem I had, I know the hesitation it created in me. I am overwhelmingly saddened by the things that may not have occurred, the great things people did not achieve, because there was a monster in their lives that kept them from believing.

            Thank you so much for reading the link.

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          4. It’s so beyond sad. You’re right, the untold suffering goes back as far as time, there are some much older women in my life that I strongly suspect were abused but remain silent. I wish you had participated in this book. You have a way of getting to the heart of issues and your story would have been a blessing to pass on. I’m so glad you have worked through that part of your life but I know it never leaves us. ♥️


          5. You have been a salve to my heart through this conversation Heart. Even though I feel I have come leaps and bounds past where that child stood, and even the adult who felt the ever lasting reverberations… there are times when it rears it’s ugly head up. So thank for the confirmation and validation….of me. ❤ And though it never leaves us we are not silenced or held back or held down.

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          6. Colleen, you are so courageous, I admire you so very much. These horrific things that sometimes happen either beat us down or make us strong. That you are strong give us all hope that we can conquer the evil doings of others. ❤


          7. My natural instinct is to stutter and shy away from your comment (not believe I am courage or admirable). But you validate me Heart, by telling me this, and I know there will be times in the future (because they always come back) that I need to be reminded of that child’s courage. And where she has brought me. So I thank you. Sincerely and with love, thank you.

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  1. Congrats to you and those who participated and made it possible… Holly happy new year as well… I salute you in honor of the courage and bravery it takes to not only survive, but gaining a voice and beginning to thrive as you become a light for others…

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  2. Such a worthwhile collaboration of a topic that should never be silenced. Sending Love and Blessings for a New Year where more awareness is brought into the light of such topics and where those who still stand in fear may come out into the light to know they are not alone.
    Sending LOVE and Blessings dear Holly… ❤ And my well wishes for a Very HAPPY New Earth Year ❤

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  3. Congratulations, Holly, and congratulations to all who contributed. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED gets my respect, as well. I really think more women are still being tormented by and living through sexual assault, than we understand. I mean, it’s bad enough in Canada & the States, Europe, but what about 3rd world countries?
    I could have a piece in that book, but I’m not a poet.
    Sending love and hugs! ❦❦❦

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    1. Thank you Resa, this anthology is dedicated to the courage of survivors and to enlighten those who may not understand why this subject is so often a well kept secret. It was actually born out of an outrage over the cruel misogynistic mind set of the Anerican President and his republican senate toward maltreatment of women. I’m sorry you can personally relate to this.


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