In the  state between sleep and wake

traversing birth and death

there is the faintest hint of earthy candles

macabre dreams interrupted by the

strophe of sonnets and the sensation of

spilling pearls like tiny moons falling

through my open palm.

At the boundaries I find you

not your spirit or  rose tinged snow,

but flesh and bone.

I am sleeping less now

roused by the wing beats of boreal Owls

circling an   ancient Cypress,

their knife edge talons entwined in sprays

of silky moss clinging to  knotty branches.

Fitful wind gusts burst through  barriers of

creaking walls vibrating my hemispheres into

consciousness.  A  celestial  tapestry of recollection

lifts  me over  the valley to a  moonlit hillside

of sweet lea where a silver wolf lies down  beside me.

He is the scent of golden wheat and

his eyes are the color of the eastern sky.


108 thoughts on “Wolves

      1. I think wolves would love me, and lions and cougars and such. 😀
        Yes, their teeth are lovely, and big for tearing, but they would still love me. N thinks I’m nuts when I tell him that I would make an instinctual connection with them, because I’m vegetarian. 🥑
        He says that would just make me all the tastier. 🧐❦❦

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        1. I’m sure they would sense your love of animals but they are carnivores and might be tempted to take a bite. You would need to use all of your wily charms when the moon made its appearance. On the other hand they might take you into their pride as a goddess sent as an omen of good will. I’ll go with the second scenario. I do understand N’s concerns. 😊🐾


          1. I know!
            I just threw 4 pies in the oven. I will send something tomorrow! I need daylight to take the pics, and that will give me some time tonight to see if I can save the good sketch.
            Fringed shawl tied on the hips, lots of beads and chachka and I’m thinking the skirt made from 3 fabrics… the rags she’s collected.
            For some reason, I think orange should be a colour in the scheme. What do you think?

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          1. Aha! I’m not the movie star. I’m a sometime biking ( yes, Harley) enthusiast and I like to ride AIA and the Pacific Coast Highway and the Blue Ridge. I’m a native Floridian. It’s a small world. 😊

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          2. I wanted to get to the other side of the mountains (while we were in the Carolinas) and visit the Cherokees, but there just wasn’t enough time. We had obligated ourselves to visit a half dozen friends in North and South Carolina. Beautiful country.

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    1. Most have experienced that heady lull between wake and sleep where one slips into a state of de-personalization, a sense of being outside oneself, carried away to a world of illusion. Thank you so much , lovely comment Mr. Cake.

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  1. I just happen to be right there in that realm between sleep and awake. Early morning coffee time and reading is a fav pastime and where better than in the House of Heart. I think this is the poem I envisioned for the Wolfkeeper’s daughter. Her wolf is silver and a natural beast, an incubus without evil. The owl was also a reincarnation of a special person in my early life. This is such a beautiful poem, I won’t insult it with my limited vocabulary. Just know that it is the stuff of dreams, magic, and Eastern trances. With your permission, I’d love to open the next chapter with this enchanting poem. 🥰

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    1. I would be incredibly honored Dan, I think thrilled is the word I’m searching for. You most certainly may use this poem to open the next chapter of your epic drama. I couldn’t be more delighted. Thank you. 🥰

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      1. Awesome to the Max! Thank you so much, Rene ☺️. I’ve been thinking about it all morning. I had written the next chapter and scheduled it for next Wednesday but your poem turned loose a plethora of thoughts I want to introduce by way of revision to more closely match the beauty of this poem. You’ll see a link back to your website when it publishes.

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        1. I’m very excited and so honored Dan. I really cannot wait for each chapter to take life in this mythic adventure of heroes, warriors, demons, passion , war … it is an exceptional novel and a tremendous thrill for me to be so generously included. Thank you Dan.

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          1. I am also excited about this collaboration. I really want to make this poem a centerpiece in the story. It fits so well with the emotional spectrum of the story. As always, nothing is as it seems on Return of Dragons. There are mysteries within mysteries and the poem, for me, points to many feelings, emotions, events, and the passage of time. It will become the lifesong for Marius and the mysterious Wolfkeeper’s daughter.

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  2. Holly, you may have meant that wolf to be more erotic or animalistic, but when I cannot sleep these days, the wolf represents all the issues as a parent, caretaker, person and even US citizen. I read that the mercurial, egocentric man who shall not be named is a prevalent cause of depression. I do know his untruthfulness and histrionics have worn me out. Keith

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    1. I truly believe that this man has caused a great deal of stress and will even go so far as to say his outrageous behavior has caused serious illness in many people, Fed into hatred and mental disturbances by playing on fear and Taking advantage of the uninformed and brainwashed. Thank you Keith, I’m well aware of the serious challenge our country faces.

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    1. Thank you Sam. I do appreciate the generous comment. I’ll be over to read your post. I’m not in Instagram or CC. I’ve been trying to get on Instagram but am advised my email is already in use so I trying to get to the bottom of that. I will be glad to follow if I can sign on there 😊


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