A scene from the compelling epic tale by Hyperion.
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Return of Dragons

“As he took her hand, he gave her all she had been waiting for – a shiver down her spine.”

Atticus – Love Her Wild

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Scene 22

The Silver Wolf knew there was no defying him now. He had the Wolfkeeper’s daughter where he wanted her. He was confident she was ready to take on the responsibilities of Wolf Master, but he had to test her spirit much like a young wolf is checked to see if the animal was suited for an Alpha’s role in the pack. The confirmation, as in nature, was not kind. It was necessary.

Marius helped Dari out of the coarse wool coat and set it on the sofa next to his. The soft orange glow of firelight outlined a vision of sensual curves flared from waist to hips and angled in on sturdy legs, built from a lifetime of servitude…

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40 thoughts on “The Agony of Ecstasy-Scene 22

  1. Thank you so much for your continued inspiration and support, Holly. I hope your readers will see the purity of your poetry shine a light on this noir tale of wolves and the people who live within the domain of Canis Lupis.

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      1. I do think there will be more opportunities to collaborate on this story as it unfolds, if you are up for it. No need to plan or think about it. When it’s right, it will just happen like before. The connection finds itself and is so much more magical when it occurs that way. And you are always welcome as is the House of Heart in the Land of Wolves. (No worries, the wolves are all well behaved) 😊

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          1. Indeed, the North Woods do call. It’s the sound of wind in majestic treetops and the scent of rain filtered through the evergreens. It’s there all creatures live in harmony. If one enters with reverence, they can ride the great wheel of life.

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          2. My poetry has no words but millions of emotions. We are discovering so much now about trees and plant life being much more than we ever dreamed was possible. The ancients were aready aware and in tune with nature, something we have lost in our rush to technical advancement. For those that still hear the call, there is a spiritual connection Google, Siri, and Alexa can’t provide.

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          3. Hi Rene 😃 Technology can never replace our innate nature, I call the beast within. It can mask and confuse it but, not replace it. The bright spot is technology is learning how all things interrelate with nature on the micro and nano level. We have learned that trees actually communicate with each other through their root system and chemical signatures that other plants, animals, and insects respond to in a beneficial way. We have learned that plant life actually makes decisions instead of just automatic response. This has caused the question to be raised about what exactly is sentient life. We humans have reserved that only for ourselves and most of our problems with understanding our environment isn’t because flora and fauna are inferior and non-sentient life but rather, we are ignorant of the magnitude of how life interelates in the natural world and with us. We are learning and technology is helping. I just hope we can connect the two on a grander scale.

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          4. Yes indeed and today I checked on the research and it has been expanded to show plants actually have language at a frequency beyond human hearing and they can hear each other although we cant hear them. I suppose the question might be, how? I told someone else and then confessed I was feeling a bit weird about mowing the grass now. I’m hoping the grass actually enjoys being cut, but probably not. I’ve got to work on my listening skills.

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          5. I’m not sure I will prune my garden again Dan. There are so many things we never would have imagined without current data, but some still live under a rock, denying climate change, much less the possibility that humans are not the only life form that communicates/ Plants communicate chemically to ensure their survival.

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          6. I feel you! Learning these things changes my perspective of what I should be doing to be a better steward of all life. It’s exciting to learn these things. The door is only barely open now into the world of plants and animals beyond just our senses and sensibilities. But, it will continue to open and new understandings gained.

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  2. Bonsoir ou bonjour mon amie et gentille HEART
    Ce soir
    Une nouvelle nuit vas tomber
    Le sommeil va arriver
    Tes yeux vont se fermer
    Et comme d’habitude tu vas rêver
    D’amour et d’amitié ,
    Et demain tu vas t’éveiller
    Sans rien te rappeler
    De qui tu as rêvé
    Mais tu te rappelleras
    Que la veille tes amies
    Sont venues te souhaiter
    Une merveilleuse soirée ou bonne soirée
    Sur ces lignes je te souhaite pour ce soir

    Une très belle soirée et douce nuit gros bisous Bernard

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