There is a need for
lips pressed, pressing,
of hands seeking.

Here in my
straight back chair
hold back the firestorm
with your elegant hands
and with your lips
claim the hollow
of my throat.

Scatter silk like
autumn leaves.
Allow me to fall
like  the ripe flesh
of sweet fruit.


artist: Lu Jianjun


70 thoughts on “Esperanza

  1. Ah, I adore the sub rosa of Esperanza with romantic desires. The art image shows me a young woman perfect for ballet with long, slender legs and a graceful swan neck. Her fan and attire seems a sartorial symbol of her class and in this I see an allusion to the exquisite words of your poem; the hope and desire that fills an idle time in a sultry room.

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      1. I thought Esperanza was perfect as it means Hope in English. It just all fit so perfectly to me. Hope dreaming of her romantic interest fulfilling her desire while the image of Esperanza was elegant like a dancer, her dress and fan speak of service to a higher class. It was this imagery that made her hopes expressed in your poem so romantic, exquisite, and real.

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          1. Yes, indeedy and that really caught my attention. Masterfully done. The name, the poem, the image, they were all made for each other. Such felicity and harmony in the House of Heart 💞☯️

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