Throw away those pages,

that pink littered landscape.

Where is the victory in pity?

Build your mansion of bones

and sorrow so deep it can

not be contained but spills

from the fissure of your heart.

Reach inside stretched

skin whose scars  still sting.

There is no poetry

in  swallowed pain,

of  the temperate voice.

Those words are still born.

No life lives there,

no womb that has birthed

scorn and rage.


92 thoughts on “build mansions

  1. Born is pink victory.
    Gowns torn in rage, but maintained for the stage.
    I disagree, there is poetry in pity. I see it in yours.
    Rage, scars and gowns of the besieged maidens of rhyme, are of thine.

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      1. I’m waxing .. gowns..
        I do not suffer, but prefer to draw my sharpened pencil from its sheath.
        Suddenly, I am in the wild west. With Shakespeare on our minds, I am the enslaved.. queen.. of my own creative making.
        A new sketch pad is before me. I am undaunted!
        Wait for me, Suzanne!

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        1. Waxing your gowns Lady Resa…have you been in to the Silver Satin? You want to travel with me, cause you know that I’m half crazy.. I’m waiting by the river…signed, suzanne ( wing-feather of course) tea and honey?


      1. Since returning to the blog I have missed the work of Paul Lenzi who sadly died when I was away. I have many of his books and regard him to be a great Americam poet. Your poem here reminded me, not just of the scene at the theatre (what actress would you sanction?) but also of Paul. Super poetry, a true pleasure to read. I think the phrase in the trade is, ‘You nailed it’.

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        1. such a lovely comment Mike, thank you. I too loved the writing of Paul Lenzi and thankfully I brought some of his poetry to my own site to share because it is so beautiful. He left a wonderful legacy with his words. I do miss him very much.

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          1. The thing with Paul was…his undoubted ability aside…that the fact that in terms of politics… his to the right wing, mine to left…plus our theological differences…me an atheist, he a believer…we found common ground and got on remarkably well. A cameo of the ways things should be. Like you, I miss the old chap. Back on track who would be your actress for this ‘gig’?

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          2. I completely agree re Paul. A try gentlemen and gifted poet. I did not discuss politics or religion with Paul, probably a good thing. He will surely be missed. Regarding my gig, I would need Resa to take charge of wardrobe and Gigi to tell it, no one can “tell it” like Gi.

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    1. Resa is amazingly entertaining and a well known fashion designer. She thinks I am Leonard Cohen’s Susanne so I play along. You mustn’t swallow pain Mr. Cake, it’s very bad for the heart.

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          1. Well you may not like it, it is disturbing and an uncouth book, Lindsay’s literary talents don’t do justice to the vision, but then again if he had more style it would diminish the vision. Astonishingly inventive with a profound though deeply pessimistic philosophical message. Probably the completest impression of a Gnostic worldview found in literature. Anyway your comments on pain reminded me of it. Tell me what you think.

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  2. You know that reading your writing is interesing, good read overall.

    I do remember that you did post about the catholich kids and the native american guy . So instead of going to the obvious right wing channels, here is my crazy video if you would want to see, you as a lot of people jump instantly to conclussions, specially about minorities. I don´t know why they call them minorities since at the end of the day the minorities seem to have the moral high ground. I hope I don´t piss you off too much, I had this video long time ago, didn´t want for you to feel like I was confronting you. I don´t ask for a dialogue, my familly have been in politics and by blog is called crazy, I´m a priest…go figure that one out, and I try to not get into politics. Again, I do love your writing as well I love reading others peoples writings when is not about politics. So I decided to send this video to you, obviously I´m not making you my friend….. hope we still are so called friends in the world of creative writing, but if this guy can make sense of what really happened I obviously can see, analyse, the video, human behaviour, wich I usually do if interest me, I don´t go for the emotional, it brakes the objective thingking.
    I had to at least say something for those kids that are now demonised, because of people that first this indian guy is a fake, and the kids didn´t do what the press initionally said. I won´t say this if I do not have a lot of facts.
    Still love ya hopefully you don´t take it as a Charly dumb thing, and at the same time do take it personally from your point of view, not trying to change it since right now the Spaniards forgot about our great crusades, and at the same time also, jeeesus just hit the video if you want

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    1. Thank you Charlie. I watched the video. It did not change my mind that the kid was a smart ass and deserves whatever repercussions occur as a result of his behavior. He imagines that he is entitled to wear a MAGA cap and show his disrespect for the very country he represents. To mock and get in the face of a peaceful protestor is a stupid thing to do. My philosophy is teach your children to respect and they will earn respect. This kids parents have now hired a public relations company to repair his image. Once again they are telling him he is entitled. By the way, in the video the kid confronts the man, not the other way around.


      1. I have no idea about this Young kid, I do know that my parents taught me to me respectufull of older person, if not I would get snack. At the same time they taught me to be nor either a sheep nor a Wolf, but to be a dog sheep. In my family they snack you, now a days they call it bullying or some strange shit, I came out….not really right, but that is my decisions I took, my old Friends are doing very good tan God, so…I got off topic.

        I guess my point is that we actually got to a médium point. The road in the middle.

        And if not who cares, you think my politics dictates me to who I want to communicate?
        No. That is if that person is able to destinguish between their politics, and Friends.

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        1. I would not have dared to be a smart ass to adults growing up and tried to teach my boy to be polite and tolerant. I have no patience for these spoiled brats. Being in the US is like waking up everyday not knowing if a tornado is blowing through. I am a moderate, not a liberal so don’t go labeling me. I also prefer my government to be dignified and not behave like the mob. 🙂


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