We’ve come a long way baby!

please visit Torito’s blog. It’s fabulous. 


This is an ad for slacks.  Do you have any doubt about what the game is?

“A woman is ONLY a woman..not worth a good smoke.

You bet your sweet …telex operator.



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7 thoughts on “Ads From Back In The Day – #4

  1. Many thanks for the re-port! I started this several days ago with the original post. This one is the 4th in a series. I will eventually post about 40 ads from my youth over the next several weeks. Drop by to see what I saw in the ’50 and ’60s.

    Regards from Florida.

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  2. YET that’s how little some cultures (dare I say it–and some religions-?) value women. They could have used a few more poets like you and me and your readership—-to shake a few brains loose—right Holly? 😀

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