I know I love you

because when I think

of you my heart feels full,

a pond choking with water hyacinth,

their hungry   roots reaching deep

into the beds of yearning,

overflowing walls of longing

where I am so afraid to fall .

Because I love you I forfeit

my privilege, allow my heart

to drown in you  as though you

are liquid.



Vincent Van Gogh


131 thoughts on “because I love you

  1. I love the fluidity of this piece… And it goes so very well with that Van Gogh painting. It sent me back to “At Eternity’s Gate”. A movie I warmly recommend if you like the painter 🙂

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  2. Allowing your heart to drown in someone as if they were liquid, that was beautiful Rene and that’s love. To let the heart immerse into someone so they can feel your love is a wonderful thing, giving your all to them. Loved your words, pure loveliness.🌹🌹

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          1. I’m glad you are back safely , it’s not good out there in this terrible arctic blast sweeping the states up there. I’m looking forward to the next scene for ALEXANDRA. Take time for R and R though.

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          2. Yes indeed, while I felt it was springtime in Tallahasee until Tuesday’s weather dropped the temperatures, it recovered quickly. Those poor souls whacked by this artic blast is stunning. My sister told me she read a news report that the city of Hell had frozen over and I immediately thought a lot of oaths are now due. 🥶

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          3. The arctic blast across our North and Canada is stunning and very concerning. We had temps in the low 70s here and expect that again today, I hope this strange event is not an omen for an active hurricane season here. Take care, stay warm and well.

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          4. Thank you Rene and likewise for you as well. I was stunned at the deforestation in the panhandle. I drove 130 miles with moderate to severe damage and standing water everywhere. Most structures were only lightly damaged but some older buildings were destroyed from too much too close together. It was the worst I’d seen in my lifetime. Thankfully, the government says it didn’t happen so I can ignore what my eyes told me. On the good side, the forests will recover with new growth but it will be generations before we see the full recovery of nature. Along I-10 from Tallahassee to Mariana, the state is still clearing trees from the easements of the interstate. We ain’t afraid, right?

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          5. Have no fear, my dear friend. Mother nature heals herself from all wounds. She is not tied to our schedules and will not bend to our will. We fool ourselves thinking we are in control of our destiny on this earth. Those like yourself will always serve as a kind example to others. Change is slow but inevitable. It is us that will need to adapt, not nature.

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          6. Yes it has always been so. Our sun has 10 billion years of fuel left and that is enough for 10 complete restarts for earth. Our minds can’t fathom the dramatic changes that occur over 100 million years of earth time, but Mother Earth is not constrained by our lack of foresight and understanding. What we face is not total destruction, but total change. If we adapt, we will embrace and survive that change much like our ancestors did. Don’t fear or regret it, you have a young son learning how to be a pathfinder and he’ll know the way. He has a fine and noble heritage behind him.

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          7. This is true, Rene and the source of many adventures. I’m not going to sign up for the Mars trip. I’ll wait until they find a new lovely and lush planet and sign up for pioneer duties. It should be fun. 😉

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          8. Waa haa haaaa! I’ve tried desert living and I didn’t like it. Mars seems a little too deserty to me. I want to try temperate forests with lots of happy flora and fauna. Nothing too hungry and toothy. I may be too picky tho…

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          1. Thank you Holly, just about to turn off the laptop, My wine has now been poured and the film Avatar is about to be watched again.. But worth the watch with its hidden messages ..
            Thank you dear Holly.. Much LOVE and well wishes back my dear friend.. ❤ speak soon xx ❤

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      1. I’ve seen that on some posts. That’s fine. You still take the time to post almost every day. That is great.
        I hope it is a good “busyness”. (As I listen to Johnny Cash’s “I walk the line”!) (By chance)
        Bon week-end Coeur de Feu.

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