When the sunset casts its crimson

glow across the horizon, I think of you.

The ocean is thick with salt , the sand

a sculpture of  an ambivalent tide.

I am pared down to dark and light.

I unfasten our keepsake  filled with

swords and sighs to coax alive the

brightest stars that I might find you

in wind furled sails.

The  sea is  a moon struck epiphany and

with the merest  chance of finding you

I cast my dreams to an incoming storm as

Though  I am the rain with nothing to

remember or forget.

“Lost Boat” by Widyantara at Deviant Art

126 thoughts on “with nothing to remember

  1. Beautiful poem. ❤

    The imagery used reminds me of the 4 years I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia and stood on the beach at English Bay and watched the sun set and the moon rise and dreamed someday of visiting islands in the South Pacific.


    1. I’m so pleased that this poetry brought back those memories for you. If you haven’t made it to those islands yet I hope you do and that they are everything you dreamed of. Thank you for such a lovely comment.

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  2. I adore this, Holly! Besides that it is a superlative visual & emotional experience via writing, it suits the mood I find myself in. It’s nice to be cradled in the a storm of your words!
    There is no sun here. However, when there is sun it will be the opposite of ” a moon struck epiphany”. ❦❦

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