Tonight in my nest of stones I have not slept.
Through the walls my neighbors fight over how
best to spend their time as it silently slips through
the space between their fingers.
As the last grains fall it seems reasonable to be
present for the hours left.
When the  dawn  climbs above the ocean I can see
that deep amber on the shore,  the color of
 my lover’s eyes when  aroused,  waning to hues
of   gold that glint  in my half empty glass.
In the unkempt night I rearrange decaying books
wander halls of memories pillaging my mind.



Trinette Reed photography


67 thoughts on “Cave People

  1. This is masterful story telling. From the focus on the distracting couple to the mindful consideration of their use of time and then we venture inside the protagonist’s thoughts where a beautifully romantic scene is born. I absolutely identify with arranging decaying books and pillaging memories. I would say a good 90 percent of my life is spent in those books and labyrinthine halls and I wouldn’t trade it for all the jade in China.

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      1. Great minds, of course! 😎😎. I’m having a great weekend. I finally got some good weather and hit the mountains for a good hike. Balance in the universe is restored. Oh, I have some good mystery and suspense coming up with our Carpathian Revenants. I’m trying to figure out how to break it up into scenes. You should see it soon. 🤞🏻 hope you are having some good sunshine too. 😁


  2. You are a pillager, in a way. You are a seeker of ways, wisdoms and light that you then put wonderfully into words. In the end, it’s not the words per se, it’s their weight in the arrangement.
    Love this, Holly! xo

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  3. As I read this I think of how appreciative I am to be able to sleep the night away. It was not always so. There was a time I spent many insomniac nights. I wrote much more but was tormented by sleepless nights. Some of the works were ramblings of a tortured mind.

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