70 thoughts on “Holly (the poet) was the only human asked to read a poem. Nan is in the Poetry Room. The frame for Holly’s poem has a sticky note saying, “Holly’s poem.” The chicklets drew her picture, which on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. As soon as they get a copy of her poem they will let you know.

  1. LOLOL They did their best with your portrait. You hair does look nice, at least they think so because to them you’re truly beautiful inside and out. 🙂 They told me to tell you to get ready for the Easter party. If you’d like to sing something they said to just let them know. Otherwise a poem would be wonderful. You can do both, if you like. They promised to not eat all the chocolate bunnies so you will be sure to get one. ❤

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    1. They are the pretty ones, look at those beautiful feathers! I will sing but let me warn everyone I was flatly rejected by “America’s Got Talent”. I like chocolate covered candy corn. ♥️🥰


      1. LoL! 😆. You will go far and the chicklets adore you, so why not dress for success. I believe you may have found a signature style. Every songbird has her colors and you certainly have yours. 😍

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          1. Ha ha ha! Well, all the folks that claim to know how to run the country have run it into the ground. The engineered showdowns for no reason but political positioning have not helped the American people, it has sucked us into an unwinnable debate where facts and the truth serve no useful purpose. I think we need someone that doesn’t play that game.

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          2. I hope so , we need to stand behind our programs that we are paying into every paycheck, and then some. I’m not a liberal, but a moderate who cares about the needy and less fortunate. I won’t get on my soap box, heaven forbid.

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          3. I do like to engage all beliefs and consider myself a moderate too. Our empathy and compassion for those in need is a mark of our humanity not our political ideology. Sometimes we miss that essential point these days. I enjoy your soap box because it is always the voice of reason.

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