Molten wax streams down the copper sconce onto the night stand as  you light my cigarette and  proceed to pour  your   unholy green trinity of wormwood, fennel, and anise into a fine crystal goblet.   Holding the spoon gently to my lips I impudently turn away.  I do not touch your concoction until you feign fascination with the mundane anecdote I consider trivial enough to share.   Several sips later we lean back casually into your brocade cushions and in a somewhat dreamier state you attempt to distract me  with  details of your recent dalliance with a french contemporary artist until I  dismiss it with an apathetic yawn.  The embodiment of elegance you  smile and arch your brow, once again  hold the spoon gently to my lips and in your impossibly delectable rhythm whisper that my hair and fair skin so near stirs your mind into  arousal and my supple lips are a  crimson darkness that consumes you.  Sinking  deep into your far off voice   my subconscious begins to  vibrate for you.   Seduced by the lure of  Ravel’s waltz   I feel so soft inside and after a few more  sips I  hallucinate a frightened hare pursued by  relentless hunters pounding the snowy banks  that  rise above our grotto at the foot of the alps where we sink into hedonism.   To spare me the moonless massacre spilling down the mountainside you press me close to your chest and cover my eyes   with  tender kisses.    Having been saved from what now evades us we succumb  to a deep and somber slumber.


Green Smoke                      art by L’ Rend  Fou


46 thoughts on “Absinthe

      1. It was a pleasure for me 😊 I would not suggest anybody to taste it! One upon a time, I have read a Roman which I have unfortunately forgotten who had written it and I think the name of it was something like; the green devil! It was about a tragic destiny of a man who was addicted to this substance 🙄 anyway, it was a sad story 🙃
        I wish you a wonderful Weekend ❤❤

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  1. Absinthe, a frightening dalliance that you have captured brilliantly!
    Of course I have never dabbled, terrified of what might happen.
    This piece is like a page from a book, perhaps a diary, written by a Can Can dancer favoured by Talouse Lautrec.
    Wonderful!!! ❦❦❦

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    1. A wonderful comment Resa, I haven’t dabbled with Absinthe either, other than an attempt to capture in writing the effects one might experience when the spirit contained thujone. Since that has been removed one is free to partake of the green fairy if they wish. ❦❦❦


  2. I have definitely read and commented on this before I am sure. I remember this lovely and very decadent (but you can’t avoid decadence when it comes to absinthe) piece of purple prose. Somber but delicious.

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  3. I’d say you rather nailed it. A picture painted in oils. Loved the ‘apathetic yawn’…I’ve seen many thrown my way!…yes, romance, life, a gentle story. ‘Tis all there captured in words.

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