Many people no longer feel the need to wear their hatred discreetly for there is no fear when the powerful have given a nod, encouraged bigotry and racism, opened the door to violence.

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Once again, the world witnesses the horror of an evil person committing mass murder, this time against innocent worshipers in a mosque in New Zealand. It is an unthinkable horror, with at least 49 dead and many more wounded.

The person who perpetrated this evil was a white supremacist who saw immigration as an evil that somehow threatened white people.

The true evil of hatred and bigotry is growing in our world. Unfortunately, the fascism that seemed to have been defeated in World War Two is active and, once again, emerging. It must be opposed by reasonable people everywhere.

Political figures who stoke the fires of bigotry for their own purposes must bear some of the responsibility for these terrible actions, but we, the people of the world, must stand up to right-wing extremism and bigotry always.

I grieve for the pain of the people who suffer from this…

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45 thoughts on “I Stand With New Zealand, and I Stand Against Bigotry Anywhere by Charles French

  1. Thank you for sharing this Holly..
    Our hearts are with them in this senseless loss. For we are ALL ONE, 🙂 And may we unite ever Stronger in Love..
    There are those who wish to divide us, and all they do is succeed in pushing us together in Unity to be As One.
    Love to you and i will go over and repeat this message at its source ❤

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  2. Trump said that we’re over-reacting to the threat of white supremacism. He’s a monster who shares the blame for these deaths even though he didn’t pull the trigger. My heart is broken for New Zealand and the world.

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  3. Again, and yet again. There is much more to this story with far more sinister implications in the shadows not shared. It is a mirror of other extremism that grows and spreads like wildfire across the globe. Hate and the preachers of hate on all sides have stolen the beauty and joy of life and replaced it with a bloody banner. We defeat hate by not being a part of it. The war is long and the losses high but hate cannot win a heart that closes its doors to it.

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    1. Beautiful Dan. Hopefully there are still enough of us left to fight against the spread of fear mongering and violence here. I know there is such evil in other parts of the world for example right now people are protesting dictatorship in Venezuela where people are desperate for food and water. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that we are in the dark to but strongly suspect. Thank you Dan.

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      1. Yes, Rene, we can’t know all the things that conspire to destroy human dignity and freedom but where we see it and every time we see it, we can let our voices be heard against the inhumanity that now stalks us across the globe.

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          1. Thank you Rene. These kinds of things affect me deeply because of my past experiences. We do not owe our allegiance to a man, or a government, or a political party. We owe our allegiance to each other and the common goal of decency, fairness, prosperity, freedom, education, and good stewardship of our natural world. These are building blocks of a divine humanity which we move farther from with every misguided attack on the innocent and oppressed.

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